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Our biggest gain in the last 12 months: 2733.33%.

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The Oxford Communiqué rode out the 2008 financial crisis with an average closed return of 28.6%.


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Surprising Law Gives “Cash Rebate” to 119 Million Americans

Before tax reform this year, Congress quietly passed a bill that gives 119 million eligible Americans the chance to collect on “consumer rebate checks” that could go anywhere from $1,230 to $12,900 for some people. There are no income requirements to collect.

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New Government Law *C-45* to Create a “Marijuana Monopoly”

Thanks to this new bill, 52 companies will be handed “COMPLETE LEGAL STATUS” at a national level. We’re looking at 400% to 600% growth over the next 12 months.According to Nasdaq analysts, the approved companies will essentially be “legal monopolies.”

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