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Learn How Our Experts Have Successfully Guided Members Through a Market Crisis

Our investing strategies are designed to work in all markets.

The Oxford Trading Portfolio – The Club’s Flagship Portfolio Has Outperformed in Bull and Bear Markets…

The Instant Income Portfolio – Collect Outsized Income From the Markets Most Reliable Dividend Payers…

The Oxford All-Star Portfolio – A Diversified Basket of Funds and Holding Companies Managed by the Worlds’ Top Money Managers…

VIP Trading Services: Fast Moving Stock and Options Strategies Allow Our Top Members to Capture Outsized Returns…

Publication Average Return Since Inception
Lightening Trend Trader 36.6%
The VIPER Alert 52.2%
The Momentum Alert 38.6%
Prime System Trader 73.4%
True Value Alert 30.0%
Insider Alert 26.7%
Automatic Trading Millionaire 36.8%
Stock Sequence Trader 16.8%
Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio 18.5%
Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert 11.7%
Advanced Energy Strategist 9.5%
Switch Trader Alert 43.7%
Average 34.70%