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Discover our Pillars of Wealth System – a Proven Strategy for Achieving Financial Wealth

Our Pillars of Wealth system is a proven strategy to achieving your financial goals no matter where the markets head next. They will allow you to get the highest return with the least amount of risk, to protect your principal and your profits, and to guarantee that your investment portfolio will grow and be worth more in the future.

The Pillars are:

Pillar 1: Stick to the Oxford Wealth Pyramid with an asset allocation model that is properly diversified across different asset classes, not just different securities.

Pillar 2: Have an exit strategy, and stick to it. Anyone can buy a stock, fund or other asset. The real art of investing is knowing when to sell.

Pillar 3: Understand position sizing. Size matters, and our position-sizing formula makes sure you never risk more than a small fraction of your overall portfolio in a single position.

Pillar 4: Minimize investment expenses and taxes. We show you how to minimize fees and leave the taxman out in the cold.