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Welcome to Lightning Trend Trader


Hello, and welcome to Lightning Trend Trader. I’m Marc Lichtenfeld. I’d like to take a few moments to introduce you to my trading advisory.

Lightning Trend Trader chooses stocks most often in the biotech sector, ones that are unloved, underfollowed and not moving much. What makes them appealing is the promise of an important event that will strike like lightning and ignite their price.

This event could be an earnings release, an FDA filing, Phase 3 data, or FDA approval. For companies in other industries, it could be a new product release, a new contract or a merger.

Many of these are unpredictable, which is why the most important event I look for is a release of clinical data or results from trials, or some other pending announcement.

The two most important factors in my stock recommendations are expectations of an upcoming binary event – a development that is so important it will move the stock significantly. On top of that, I look for stocks that haven’t moved much in recent weeks or much. That way, when the good news hits, the new interest in the stock often leads to explosive moves.

These are not short-term picks. We’ll be holding them in the portfolio for weeks or months. For example, we recently closed out a position in Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, which we held for four months, for a 60% gain. And we scored a 287% gain on the options.

You can expect an update from me each week on the stocks in our portfolio. The day will vary depending on news flow and price action. My emails have the subject line Lightning Trend Trader and the date.

I don’t keep a specific publishing schedule. If I’ve issued an alert earlier in the week and important news breaks a few days later, I will certainly update you.

You can expect a new recommendation roughly every few weeks. There may be times when you get two in two weeks and others when it takes three or four weeks after the last one.

The biotech world is complicated and before I’m going to recommend a stock that is reliant on clinical trial data, earnings results or other information, I check all of my sources, including research scientists, analysts, fund managers, company executives, trade publications, etc.

When I issue a buy recommendation, I’ll include a write-up on the opportunity and the action to take. You’ll know our buy-up-to price, our stop loss and our exit strategy.

You’ll also receive urgent sell alerts when it’s time to exit a position.

Every alert will also contain our open portfolio, with current information on our stocks and links back to their most recent updates on the website.

The portfolio lists our open positions, with each stock’s symbol, current price, stop price and whether it’s a buy, sell or hold.

Every stock rated a “Buy” in the portfolio has met my criteria for selection in our portfolio. No one position is better than the others. Any or all are worth adding to your portfolio based on your investment needs. You can look forward to new recommendations in the days and weeks ahead.

Don’t worry if you ever miss an email from me. All alerts and our portfolio are housed on the Lightning Trend Trader section of The Oxford Club’s website: You’ll need your username and password to access it.

Be sure to check the confirmation email you received after signing up for that information. It’s also provided at the bottom of every email you’ll receive from Lightning Trend Trader.

If you have any questions about the service or a recommendation I’ve made, or want to share any success you’ve had, you can send an email to While I can’t respond to you directly, I can address questions in a future alert.

I’d like to thank you for joining me and, again, welcome aboard.