The VIPER Alert

The VIPER Alert is a unique trading service designed to target stocks that are coiled to surge to new highs. At the heart of the system is the VIPER Score and a proprietary ratio created by Matthew Carr to find stocks with the biggest potential and best probability for huge short-term gains. Over the last 10 years, the system behind The VIPER Alert returned a total gain of 892%, versus a total return on the Russell 2000 of 131%. Subscribe to VIPER Alert.

Meet the Editor

Matthew Carr is the Club’s Emerging Trends Strategist, and also oversees his VIP service Prime System Trader. Matthew’s proprietary Prime System identifies stocks that move in cycles or seasons where the shares can be bought and sold for large short-term profits. He writes a weekly column for the Oxford Insight and is a regular contributor to The Oxford Communiqué, Investment U and Energy & Resources Digest.

Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr
Emerging Trends Strategist

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