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“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for all you do for us. Taking the leap to join the Chairman’s Circle was the best move I have made in a long time! Happy new year!” – Member Shaku H.

“For the better part of twenty years, I have depended upon The Oxford Club and specifically Alex’s financial guidance for both my own and my granddaughter’s investments. You have treated us well! Thank you so much!!!” – Member Don D.

“Thank you Oxford Club for all the work that you do and all the opportunities you provide and all the dreams you help to make possible.” – Member Richard S.

“Being an Oxford Club Member means I can appreciate my retirement, with plenty of time for golf, fly fishing, visiting with my 28 grandchildren, and even going back to school. “The Oxford Club seemed to stand out for various reasons , but the most attractive to me was the caliber of the team of experts who I would be trusting my retirement egg to, so I became a member. “Now, after learning the basics of personal investing, I am comfortable to have The Oxford Club serve as the source of my investment program because they have demonstrated their skill in achieving my objectives. The bottom line speaks for itself, and I can return to my original plans in retirement—golf, fly fishing, education, travel, and getting to know my grandchildren. The way life should be.” – Member Richard D.

“Being an Oxford Club member has given me hope with my finances that I haven’t had before.” – Member Robert H.

“The Oxford Club stands by its name. In the past, I have signed up to other Foundation Charters and other organizations with grandiose titles. To date, The Oxford Club alone treats its members as a community rather than a list of credit cards.” – Member Chris G.