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Chairman’s Circle – Reviews

Chairman’s Circle Reviews

“I joined the Chairman’s Circle a few days ago. Well, I started buying stocks from the lists and it actually paid the membership fee in those few days. It is quite impressive that the portfolio is growing even when the markets are falling.”

– Shuki M.

“…last year, we decided to step our membership up to the Chairman’s Circle level and once again have not regretted it a bit. You different recommendation services are phenomenal!!! We now have a very balanced portfolio of stocks, real estate and coins, and it feels great to look forward to a bright future.”

– Russ and Kerstin R.

“I am a member of The Chairman’s Circle. It is the best thing that I have ever done in my investment life.”

– Elton M.

“I joined the Chairman’s Circle because of the success I have experienced as a Premiere Member from the Oxford recommendations over the last couple of years. I feel I’m a better investor today because of your service. Also, I am sure my investment in the Chairman’s Circle will provide even greater future rewards.”

– Robert N.

“Your commitment to your members is always above expectations. You really know how to create raving fans. Keep up the great work.”

– Greg K.

“I cannot express the depth of my thanks for making the Chairman’s Circle membership a legacy. Showing the nicely framed certificate to my wife and three grown children was an especially proud moment for me, as I was able to tell them that my ‘leap of faith’ was more for them and their kids.”

– Alan W.

“I believe the Oxford Club is a great value and I have benefited greatly [from it]. First, the research that goes into each recommendation is spot on. I have learned a great deal about picking investments myself based on these same approaches. I have full confidence in the research team and I look forward to many years of new insights and investment ideas.”

– Aaron F.

“I just wanted to inform you that I am a Chairman’s Circle Member… Thank you for all the important information you provide in your emails and your written newsletters… I have been so grateful that I invested in the Chairman’s Circle – because I find you have very good advice…”

– Mary V.

“Congratulations on all the good work and prognostications. From my view, you guys are as good as anybody I’ve ever subscribed to at reading a crystal ball (sorry, stock researching) – which is why I’ve decided to stay with you forever.”

– William P.

“I joined Oxford Club’s Chairman’s Circle last fall. The [cost]… seemed to be out of my comfort zone, considering my wages. However I have recovered that and much more since joining. I also have gained confidence in my trading and some measure of hope for my retirement. THANKS again.”

– T. W.

“Thanks so much for your kind ‘Welcome Basket’ for joining the Chairman’s Circle. Our family really enjoyed the little feast. Your alerts are paying off – I’ve already more than paid for the dues. It has been a fun and exciting adventure. I look forward to a long and enjoyable relationship with you and your team.”

– Dan T.

“I will say that my dealings with The Oxford Club have always been on the highest standards. When I joined the Chairman’s Circle a number of years ago, I have yet to be ‘nickel and dimed’ to death. I cannot say that about some of the competition.”

– Kim B.