Prime System Trader

This is a proprietary trading service based on Matthew Carr’s personally developed “Prime System.” This system has been proven to increase market returns by 300% to 600%, while cutting risk by as much as half. A study by The Pepperdine School of Business confirms that trading only with Prime would generate returns "five times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by half."

Meet the Editor

Matthew Carr is the Club’s Emerging Trends Strategist, and also oversees his VIP service The VIPER Alert. Matthew’s proprietary Prime System identifies stocks that move in cycles or seasons where the shares can be bought and sold for large short-term profits. He writes a weekly column for the Oxford Insight and is a regular contributor to The Oxford Communiqué, Investment U and Energy & Resources Digest.

Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr
Emerging Trends Strategist

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