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Personal Achievement

The Oxford Club pursues and fosters a culture of “radical responsibility.”

By radical responsibility, we mean taking ownership of all aspects of our lives. From health and well-being, to business and personal relationships, to saving and investment goals.

Too many people consign responsibility for these essential matters to others, all the easier to assign blame when they go awry.

Businesses and other organizations today are looking for men and women who are willing and able to think, who are self-directing and self-managing, who respond to problems proactively rather than complaining or waiting for someone else to act.

A study done in New York a few years ago found that people who ranked in the top 3% in every field had a special attitude that set them apart from average performers in their industries.

It was this: They chose to view themselves as self-employed throughout their careers, no matter who signed their paychecks.

That caused them to set goals, make plans, establish measures and get results.

Radical responsibility changes everything. It means you own your thoughts, feelings and actions. You are accountable for the consequences they bring and the impact they have on others.

This is not a burden, incidentally. It’s an honor to take ownership of your actions. It creates freedom and control. It gives meaning to life.

Self-reliance is the great source of personal power. We create ourselves, shape our identity and determine the course of our lives by what we are willing to take responsibility for.