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Introducing The Oxford Club

Start your journey toward financial independence by checking out our latest special opportunity.


OC Social

We here at The Oxford Club are excited to share this opportunity with our Members. Much like other social networking sites, the OC Social brings people together and allows expression of opinions. For many Members, this will allow them to stay connected with friends they have made at one of our many conferences.

The OC Social is designed to allow you to share your thoughts and ideas with other Members of The Oxford Club. You can join conversations, make new friends, and start discussion groups about the services offered by the Club, as well as topics that interest you personally.

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Members’ Exchange

Think of it as The Oxford Club’s classifieds section, with ads posted only by Club Members and viewed only by Club Members.

Have something you want to sell – a vehicle, a collectible, real estate or an investment opportunity? Or perhaps you’re selling your own professional services? The Members’ Exchange is the place to make your membership in the world’s largest financial organization work for you.

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Property Exchange

We created this special benefit so Members could find and rent luxury vacation properties all over the world – at prices befitting fellow Members.

At each carefully selected property, you will be recognized as an Oxford Club Member, and afforded either special discounts and/or special amenities for your stay.

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Pillar One

As an Oxford Club Member, Pillar One Advisors can give you a privileged entrée to a universe of special services designed to help you build and protect your wealth. You’ll also be able to travel in comfort as you investigate new investment opportunities (or simply enjoy yourself) anywhere in the world.

On your behalf, the Club’s Executive Committee has negotiated discounts for you on financial, travel and wealth-protection services. Click the link below to learn more about our Pillar One Advisors.

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