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Monetary Gain and Financial Freedom

Monetary gain is not the goal of The Oxford Club.

Instead, monetary gain is the means to our true goal: financial freedom.

For nearly three decades, The Oxford Club’s unique, tested and proven methods of building and protecting wealth have helped Members create portfolios that consistently outperform other investment advisory services.

The Hulbert Financial Digest ranked The Oxford Club’s newsletter among the top investment newsletters in the nation for several years.

These superior returns have brought significant monetary gain to countless Members since the Club’s founding in 1989.

That is the true way to what we think of as financial freedom: freedom from want, from work that is drudgery, from relationships that confine you, and from the anxiety and worry that most people feel about their finances, their retirement, and their legacy to their families.

As Oxford Club Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green likes to say about wealth, “It may not buy happiness, but it sure steamrolls a whole lot of problems.”

Achieving wealth and financial freedom allows people to focus less on their finances and more on the people and activities they love, to support the causes they deem worthy, to help family and friends in need, and to live a richer and more profound life.

That is true Financial Freedom. The Oxford Club can show you the shortest way to it.

Publication Average Return Since Inception
Lightening Trend Trader 36.6%
The VIPER Alert 52.2%
The Momentum Alert 38.6%
Prime System Trader 73.4%
True Value Alert 30.0%
Insider Alert 26.7%
Automatic Trading Millionaire 36.8%
Stock Sequence Trader 16.8%
Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio 18.5%
Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert 11.7%
Advanced Energy Strategist 9.5%
Switch Trader Alert 43.7%
Average 34.70%