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Become a Member

Become a Member

The strength of The Oxford Club lies in the mutual commitment among the Club, its professional alliances and its Members. A dedication to shared ideals and principles, a strong sense of belonging, and a willingness to advance the Club and its membership are vital to our mission.

As soon as you sign up for one of The Oxford Club’s paid newsletters or services, you become a Member at the Premier Membership level. Over time, most Members feel that their commitment grows deeper, as does the Club’s commitment to them. In recognition of this, we developed the “Levels of Distinction.” This program is designed specifically to reward Members who increase their participation in the Club and who exhibit loyalty to the membership and the timeless pursuit of wealth.

Premier Membership

Not all Members crave the active involvement that comes with higher levels of membership. That’s why The Oxford Club offers a Premier level of membership. Most new Members enter at this level, which is why we view it as the foundation to the Club’s fundamental success. To become a Premier Member, you simply have to subscribe to one of our paid newsletters or services. For a list of all our paid newsletters and services, click here.

Premier Members receive full Club benefits, including access to Investor Reports, discounts through the Club’s Pillar One Advisors, access to the Members-only portion of our website, plus invitations to all Club-sponsored events.

Director’s Circle

Many Members are eager to make a lifelong commitment to The Oxford Club’s mission of growing and preserving the wealth of its membership. This level of distinction offers them the ideal opportunity.

When you step into the Director’s Circle, you’re joining a select group of Oxfordians who have made a serious commitment to the Club and to their own financial futures.

Your Director’s Circle status makes you a Member for life, guaranteeing unending access to Club privileges, products and services. You are also able to bequeath your Director’s Circle Membership to family members, ensuring they have access to the same wealth-creating and -preserving information you have come to count on.

Along with the recognition and the many unique benefits and services, Members of the Director’s Circle are often considered “ambassadors” to the general membership. Of course, the lifetime privileges extended to them generously compensate their commitment for such dedication to leadership and participation.

At the Director’s Circle level, membership is granted on a lifetime basis for a one-time payment and a nominal yearly maintenance fee.

To become to a Director’s Circle Member, please call Customer Service at 866.237.0436 or locally at 443.353.4540. 

Chairman's Circle

The most privileged level of membership is an elite group of our most active lifetime Members. This level of distinction consists of investors dedicated to the pursuit of creating and protecting their wealth for themselves and their families. Of course, that also extends to the ideals a rich lifestyle entails.

Members at this level serve as the core of the Club, helping to shape its direction and objectives.

Because of the vital role they play within the organization, Members of the Chairman’s Circle have access to a portion of the Club’s website that is designed and maintained exclusively for them. They also have a direct connection to the Chairman’s Circle Liaison – who acts as a virtual concierge for the savviest of investors. The privileges extended to Chairman’s Circle Members are valued in the tens of thousands of dollars – all of which can still be handed down to the next generation.

With The Oxford Club’s emphasis on building and maintaining a rich network of well-connected Members, it invites all Chairman’s Circle Members to an annual gathering held at one of the world’s best venues. It’s an excellent opportunity to create business connections, make new friends, and discuss some of the most intriguing and potentially lucrative investment ideas.

At the Chairman’s Circle level, membership is granted on a lifetime basis for a one-time payment and a nominal yearly maintenance fee.

To become a Chairman’s Circle Member, please call VIP Services at 888.570.9830 or locally at 443.353.4537.