Fry's Pinnacle Portfolio

International finance expert and former hedge fund manager Eric Fry tracks the biggest macroeconomic and geopolitical events unfolding around the globe. With his proprietary Pinnacle Strategy, he pinpoints stocks and sectors on the cusp of explosive movements. He harnesses the power of momentum with the safety of value by interpreting equity “life cycles,” a strategy he used to beat top Wall Street traders and hedge fund managers like Bill Ackman, David Einhorn and Mario Gabelli.

Meet the Editor

Eric J. Fry is The Oxford Club’s Macro Strategist, and resident expert on global investment trends. He’s the Senior Editor of Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio, and a Contributing Editor of Oxford Resource Explorer and Energy and Resources Digest, the Club’s free e-letter dedicated to oil, gas, metals and alternative energy investing. Eric’s an international finance expert and former hedge fund manager with 30 years of investment experience. He's appeared on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, Russia Today and ABC’s Good Morning America. His work has also been featured by several publications, including Time magazine, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Money magazine.

Eric Fry

Eric Fry
Macro Strategist

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