Dear Reader,

A tiny company has secured patents on a remarkable new scientific breakthrough.

It’s the next “giant leap” in technology… similar to the discovery of the steam engine in 1736… the invention of plastics in 1862… and the creation of the microprocessor in 1971.

It’s called graphene.

And this newly developed substance could render all computers, smart phones, tablets, and hi-def TVs instantly obsolete.

In the coming months, every person in America is going to want the brand new versions of these products. And one company holds the key.

As soon as news of this life-changing new material hits the markets, we estimate this company’s shares could soar by 2,388%, as you’ll see. That’s enough to turn a grubstake of $900 into over $20,000.

And why not? It’s perfecting a substance unlike anything the world has ever seen.

The Wall Street Journal calls the development of graphene, “An impending turning point in high tech as important as silicon and integrated circuitry were half a century ago.”

Consider that this new substance…

  • Carries electricity faster than copper and 100 times faster than silicon (the building block of computer chips)…
  • Conducts heat better than any substance known to man (three times superior to copper, and greater than even diamonds)…
  • And is as transparent as glass, yet somehow, 200 times stronger than steel, and still elastic enough to stretch 20% without breaking.

“It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet the thickness of Saran Wrap,” report Columbia University engineering professors.

This breakthrough could lead to mobile phones that roll up and can be stored behind your ear… smart tablets and hi-def TVs as thin as paper… super-efficient computers, solar panels and batteries… and cars and airplanes a fraction of their current weight.

And then there are the mind-boggling medical and military applications, such as tougher-than-steel artificial limbs and “invisible man” camouflage.

Needless to say, graphene’s impact on global business will be staggering.

Million-dollar product lines overhauled… billion-dollar companies created, reinvented, or gone bust… perhaps even entire trillion-dollar industries revolutionized.

Best of all, the elements needed to produce this breakthrough are not outrageously expensive… or even hard to find.

In fact, they’re most likely sitting on your office desk.

Two British scientists recently received the Nobel Prize in physics for this discovery. Yet remarkably, most people haven’t heard about this miracle substance… or thought about the boom it’ll create for this one company holding the patents.

But within the high-tech industry (and many others), the rush is already on to industrialize it.

An estimated 200 companies – including IBM, Intel, Samsung and Nokia – are lining up to get in early on this game changer.

No surprise there. They know smart phones and handsets alone now comprise an annual $242-billion annual market… and flat screen displays another $115 billion.

Yet who’s got a chokehold on the patents that could completely revolutionize these $357-billion markets?

One little-known American company with a modest $1.3-billion market cap.

And as this breakthrough transforms hundreds of industries over the next decade, this company with all the patents is likely to become very rich.

Bottom line? This could very well be the best single-stock opportunity you’ll see in your lifetime.

However, you might be wondering… If I haven’t heard of this material yet, why is it so urgent that I need to act right away?

In short, there's one monumental game-changing product that’s ready to take off right now, ahead of all the rest.

That’s why we believe early investors could collect life-changing gains.

But before I get into all that, you’ll want to find out all the facts for yourself.

For example, what’s so special about this “miracle material?” When will it actually hit the markets? And just how much money is up for grabs for you personally?

So let’s get right to it.

A “Rock Star” Substance Is Born

The groundwork was laid back in the 1980s. That’s when a handful of scientists began tinkering with the earth’s sixth-most abundant material – carbon.

Normally, it’s used for everyday applications like ink, plastic, and filtration.

But when Rice University researchers bombarded carbon with their new “cluster-beam laser,” they discovered some shocking changes in its structure.

For example, one experiment resulted in a remarkably strong material that, if squeezed, would bounce right back into shape. Experts dubbed this new hexagonal material a “buckyball.”

Suddenly it seemed perhaps carbon was not so boring after all. Imagine, for example, a car fender that could repair itself!

Researchers soon developed another variation, this time in the shape of a cylinder. And the results were even more amazing.

Not only did it have the strength and resiliency of a buckyball, but this material (they called it a “nanotube”) also showed ultra-high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Yet the best was still to come for the early developers of buckyballs and nanotubes.

Because researchers suspected they were "oh so close" to producing a similar but even more powerful new material.

And that’s when you could say Lady Luck – or perhaps just brilliant persistence – stepped into the picture.

What Happens When You Combine Pencil Lead,
Scotch Tape, and Two Rogue Scientists?

It seemed like just another Friday evening at the University of Manchester…

A group of dedicated scientists working late in the lab, experimenting with their favorite “side projects.”

A few years earlier, this same group had managed to levitate a frog using electromagnetism. Another time, they’d made tape that mimicked the way geckos climb up walls.

But on this particular Friday, the rogue researchers hit the jackpot.

Like almost everyone else in their field, the promise of buckyballs and nanotubes had captured their imaginations. They knew that other substances were out there waiting to be discovered.

But creating these new materials from raw carbon was easier said than done.

They thought the solution might be as simple as making an ultra-thin slice of a type of carbon rock – better known as graphite. (Yup, the same stuff used in good old-fashioned “lead” pencils.)

At first, they tried grinding down graphite chunks, and “polishing” the remaining surface with Scotch Tape.

No luck.

Each time they’d simply end up with a bag of worthless pebbles and dust, the soiled Scotch Tape sitting in the trash bin. They were getting nowhere fast.

Yet finally, one evening in a moment of contemplation, came the Eureka moment to top all others.

“Wait a minute. Let’s take a look at the residue on the Scotch Tape.”

Success! It was the microscopically thin layer of carbon graphite they’d been searching for.

Repeated pressings of the tape produced thinner and even thinner layers…

Until suddenly, magic happened before their very eyes.

The carbon took on properties never before seen. It was ultra-strong. Super-conductive. Razor thin.

And the world would never be the same.

The Miracle Material Just One-Atom Thick

It’s no wonder these researchers just won the Nobel Prize for physics.

The BBC calls graphene "a wonder material waiting to happen" that "could spell the end for silicon and change the future of computers and other devices forever."

Pulitzer Prize nominee and high-tech visionary, Michael Robinson, says graphene “will soon have a pervasive impact on the U.S. economy – and the entire human race.”

And a recent London Telegraph article reports, “It’s not often that a new substance comes along that is so useful, it defines an era.”

History has already recorded the Bronze Age… the Iron Age… even what could be called the Silicon Age.

Now, many believe we stand on the precipice of “The Graphene Age.”

“Not only is it lighter, stronger, harder and more flexible than steel, it is also recyclable and cost effective in its use,” says new research from the University of Technology in Sydney.

But most amazing is that one tiny company holds the most important patents for producing this material.

Right now, Fortune 500 companies are lining up to get their hands on it.

And we believe the company’s stock is going to shoot up more than 20-fold as a result…

As you’ll see, this is no small short-term opportunity.

Because the list of what this material can do is almost… ridiculous.

Your Life Will Soon Be Changing For the Better…

It’s mind-boggling to imagine how graphene could change our lives just a few short years from now…

  • High household energy bills may become a thing of the past. Michigan Technological University researchers have shown how graphene could soon allow for the mass development of super-efficient, thin-film solar panels. Because the material comes from dirt-cheap carbon, it will be easily affordable to everyone.
  • The TV’s in the den, but all the boys are over and want to watch the big bowl game in the living room. No sweat. Send one of the kids to fetch the 52” set, since it weighs just two pounds and sits in a frame like a paper poster.
  • U.S. soldiers could operate much more effectively in enemy territory, thanks to graphene. Scientists and the military have now developed “invisibility cloaks” like you’ve seen in Star Trek and Harry Potter. These materials actually bend light waves, so the covered objects become undetectable to human eyes.
  • Need a faster computer? Not a problem – just get one made from graphene. As one IBM researcher recently said, “In terms of the speed, we currently see no intrinsic limits into how fast it can go."
  • Graphene can even keep your food safe. Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have found that sheets of graphene can detect AND kill bacteria such as E. coli. The material could soon be found in kitchens, restaurants, and food processing plants worldwide.

The list of graphene’s amazing properties goes on and on…

This incredible stuff can also repair itself (in the unlikely event that it ever “breaks”)… is so thin that just a few grams could cover an entire football field… yet it’s impregnable to gas and liquids (not even one single helium atom can pass through)!

The best news? Scientists have now learned how to produce this material in mass quantities… no Scotch Tape required.

And so there’s little doubt that graphene has the potential to soon disrupt dozens of different products, applications, and industries.

Perhaps once in a generation a company and its products come along and actually change our way of life.

Forty years ago, it was IBM. Twenty years ago, Microsoft. And during the last decade, it was Apple.

Early investors in these companies did not become millionaires. They became billionaires.

And even investors who took a very small stake had their financial lives completely transformed.

Now history is repeating itself. And trillions of dollars are riding the one graphene breakthrough about to change the face of a gigantic industry.

What’s It Worth to Solve
Hi-Tech’s Toughest Problem?

The advances in electronics and computer technology over the last 40 years have been breathtaking.

Engineering wizards have taken the power of a room-sized, 5.5-ton Cray-1A supercomputer from 1976… and put it into a 2.4-pound laptop today.

They’ve produced 4-inch-thin televisions so vivid and clear, even the almighty NFL now has trouble selling tickets to the actual games.

And they’ve created tiny smart devices that have replaced telephones, cameras, and media players altogether.

But as engineers try to build even more amazing products using the wonders of miniaturization and nanotechnology, there’s one big problem:

What to do with all the heat.

Every year, the latest laptops, tablets, and smart phones are jammed with faster processors, more memory, and in less space.

But as these components become smaller and more tightly packed, they generate a lot of heat.

This is no minor barrier or “technical detail.”

As reports, “Heat generated per unit area in computer chips are becoming as high as that of a nuclear reactor.”

And this major heat problem has essentially created an “end of the road” scenario for making electronic products smaller and more profitable.

For example, because so little space is left over in an iPad or an iPhone, they won’t be able to make processors and memory units smaller and more powerful without a new technique to dissipate heat.

But if they can solve the heat problem, the leading consumer products companies can keep making better, faster and smaller devices…

And keep making boatloads of money, too.

So they need a solution. And they need it right now.

And that’s where the short-term payoff for our small Midwest company (and perhaps you, too) comes in.

In the Race to Graphene Domination,
Here’s The Company That’s Going to Win

This one company has already successfully commercialized the world’s thinnest and most effective heat dissipating system.

Electronics companies the world over are signing up to get this breakthrough in their new gadgets.

Apple has begun using early versions in their iPhones and iPads.

Samsung is using it in their new razor-thin laptops.

And this company holds the exclusive patents on it.

These “heat spreaders” provide cooling and shielding in consumer electronic devices, they allow batteries to last for hours longer, they reduce the size and weight, and vastly increase the amount of memory a hand-held device can hold.

For example, take a look at this infrared photo of a laptop computer running a long video.

This is a “before picture,” showing the modified computer running without this company’s heat spreader.

Notice the yellow and red areas. That’s where the surface temperature gets as high as 105 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit!

There’s no way anyone could sell a laptop like that.

Now here’s the same computer, running the same video, but with this company’s heat spreader installed.

As you can see, no red and yellow “hot spots” to be found.

Instead, the moderate temperatures get dispersed throughout the laptop… allowing companies like IBM, Toshiba, and Apple to continue increasing storage space and computing power.

And of course, we’re talking about much more than just laptops. These heat spreaders also keep tablets, phones, and advanced LCD and plasma flat screens running cool, fast, and efficiently.

And the future is very bright indeed for the kind of heat spreaders this company specializes in.

Because graphene promises to make its products and solutions 10-fold more effective.

“Graphene is a prime candidate for solving the heat dissipation problems currently limiting development of nanoelectronics,” report University of Texas researchers in Science Magazine.

The reports adds, “The devices will consume less energy, be cooler and more reliable, and operate faster than current-generation devices.”

Cooler, faster, and more reliable electronics?

No wonder the big boys are already lined up at this company’s doors.

They know it’s the leader in the field right now… and is ideally positioned to stay at the head of the class for years to come.

Naturally, companies are taking some time before switching over from all their traditional silicon and copper-based components…

It’s the reason you haven’t heard about this yet. And it’s also the reason that you can make a killing on this stock right now before the big switch happens.

But if you wait on this situation, you are likely to miss out on one of the biggest stock stories of our time.

Because a new technology like this… one that completely transforms multiple multi-billion-dollar industries… has the power to reward shareholders like no other.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time. For example…

  • Recently, ARM Holdings (ARMH) announced an important new series of low-cost microchips for wireless networking devices. Its stock promptly ballooned from $6.09 to $19.79, a gain of 225% in just 12 months.
  • Investors in OmniVision (OVTI), one of the early developers of high-pixel technology for cell phone cameras, saw its stock rocket from $3.61 to $33.39, a gain of 854% in little over a year… all while the S&P-500 was flatlining.
  • Then there’s 8×8 Inc (EGHT), a voice-over-internet solutions provider. If you’d gotten in when they announced an innovative new line of chips and software, you could have ridden its $2.75 shares all the way up to $34.63, an astonishing return of over 1,159% – in 7 months! And yes, that’s for the stock, not options.

What’s crazy though is that these companies created solutions to small problems. They created slightly better chips, or slightly higher pixels for cameras.

What we’re talking about here is a seachange switch to graphene in the entire smart phone, tablet, computer, and television industries.

That’s why the potential gains on this little company could make those triple-baggers look like small change.

And it’s also the reason the most powerful investment houses are piling into this stock…

The Smart Money Already Sees This As
the Perfect Buying Opportunity

Right now the company’s in the middle of a mammoth build-up in preparation for the huge demand coming in from companies all over the world.

But why specifically are all these Fortune 500 companies turning to just this one?

Because, as I’ll explain in a moment, it holds over 750 major patents in these crucial technologies. It is the gatekeeper.

If major electronics producers want to keep going faster and smaller, they will need the help of this company.

It has nearly doubled its staff of scientists as management continues seeking engineers “focusing on the development of novel graphene materials for a variety of applications.”

It’s already locked down production agreements with the biggest electronics giants, including Apple, Samsung, and Sony.

And company executives, meanwhile, see this as the perfect buying opportunity. They just finished a 10 million-share buyback – and then promptly doubled down on 10 million more.

Institutional money is pouring in, as well.

The Vanguard Group owns over 6 million shares. Janus Capital has 4 million. Wells Fargo bought up 3.3 million.

In fact, institutions now own 96% of this company’s publicly traded shares.

You think they know something regular investors don’t?

They realize that when this thing takes off, and every person in America wants a gadget made with graphene, their stock is going to shoot through the roof.

So they’re loading up on as much stock as possible before the big event takes place.

But here’s the really crazy part…

What I’ve told you so far is only a tiny fraction of what this substance can do. In fact, solving electronics' size and heat problems are merely the jumping off point for this company…

Just take a look at a few of the products they’ve already developed for some of the most important high-tech projects around the globe.

They Helped Send NASA’s
‘Curiosity’ Rover to Mars

In August of 2012, NASA’s Curiosity rover landed safely on Mars after a perilous journey through the red planet’s atmosphere known as the “seven minutes of terror.”

Temperatures during this descent reached 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to instantly melt gold, silicon, and even stainless steel.

Yet, the Curiosity rover landed completely unscathed thanks to… you guessed it, this tiny Midwest company.

Its thermal shield protected Curiosity from the intense heat and enabled it to land safely on Mars.

Does technology get any more advanced than landing a spaceship on Mars?

No heat shield, no rover. Yet as we know, Curiosity is performing flawlessly on the red planet.

And for that, NASA can thank this company and its incredible technology.

Looking ahead, it has some 20 new applications in its pipeline.

For starters, it’s in the process of turning its heat-spreading materials into a key component for electric car battery packs.

Swapping out old aluminum for this company’s advanced products makes it possible to build a battery with the same energy capacity – but at half the size and weight.

Obviously, that’s huge when you’re talking electric cars.

This company is also turning heads with its recent deal with Airbus SAS, the world’s largest commercial plane maker.

Airbus plans to work with it to “develop nanotechnologies for carbon-fiber structure materials,” say company executives.

Airbus now spends $10 billion a year on U.S. suppliers – and plans to double that to $20 billion in the coming years.

And for this company, iPhones, Mars spacecraft, super-efficient electric cars, and the next generation of airliners are just the start…

This firm expects double-digit growth over the next three to five years in a number of additional key markets including lubricants, coatings and additives… lighting… high-temperature furnaces… and energy storage.

There’s no question graphene will play an ever-increasing role in all of these markets.

So, exactly what kind of money are we looking at here for early shareholders?

The ‘Patent Kings’ of a $200 Billion+ Revolution

As I mentioned, the company holds a whopping 750 patents overall. And in recent years, they’ve made 4 strategic acquisitions, and received 7 R&D 100 awards.

Consider that flat screen and smart phone products alone make up a $357-billion market…

Further consider that this company is already leading the charge in innovations in these industries, working alongside Apple, Samsung and others…

And consider one other thing…

The British Government’s Intellectual Property Office recently conducted a worldwide analysis of graphene patents.

It reviewed over 42 million patents from more than 40 of the world’s top issuing authorities (including, of course, the U.S. Patent Office).

This small company ranked ahead of General Electric, ahead of Sony, ahead of Apple in its lineup of intellectual properties.

In other words, they are in the catbird seat. People who need this technology will have no choice but to turn to this company or get left behind.

It will no doubt see incredible demand as applications start to roll out based on the amazing capabilities of graphene.

And we expect its sales and profits to skyrocket as a result.

Let me show you specifically what I mean…

Looking At Quadruple-Digit Gains

The thing I love about this company is it has sky-high potential, and yet, it’s NOT a speculative play.

This company’s books are solid.

There's money in the bank and plenty of cash flow (over $60 million) to support current operations and future expansion.

It does business in over 70 countries, with operations spanning four continents and at 19 strategically located manufacturing facilities.

In 2011, sales hit a record high of $1.3 billion.

Its P/E ratio of 8.5 falls among the lowest 25% of all companies in its sector. So there’s still plenty of time to get in.

On top of that, gross profit margins have run north of 20% for the past five years… and surged to over 26% in the two most recent quarters.

Yet as you’ve seen, the future looks even brighter for this company and its products.

Considering its already dominant position in these technologies, let’s say it captures just 5% of the $357-billion annual flat-screen and phone markets as graphene moves to the forefront.

Even with a conservative 20% profit margin, earnings on $17.85 billion would come in around $3.57 billion, or $26 a share. Apply its (again, conservative) P/E of 8.5, and that puts the price of this little $9 stock at more than $224 a share.

And that’s on just 5%. Imagine if they captured 10% or more!

Any way you cut it, as it starts rolling out more and more graphene products, you're looking at a gain of more than 2,388%… enough to turn just $900 into over $21,000, or less than $10,000 into over $200,000.

Early investors in its $9 shares could be in for the ride of a lifetime as graphene becomes essential for dozens of new, multi-billion-dollar markets.

Michael Saylor, MIT engineer and author of the book The Mobile Wave, forecasts five billion people will use tablets or comparable devices within a decade.

That's roughly 75% of the population of Earth. And all of them could soon be holding this breakthrough technology in their hands!

Even without the coming graphene explosion, this company would be an excellent choice right now. But with it?

It’s quite frankly, a no brainer.

I’ll tell you exactly how you can get in now, right down to the Nasdaq stock symbol, in our absolutely free report, How to Get Rich From the $357-Billion Graphene Revolution.

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    But for many investors, investing in currencies can be a daunting task. With unregulated and uninsured brokers trying to lure investors, navigating the maze of currencies has scared many away. In this breakthrough report, you’ll learn how you can start realizing profits today from currencies – by making just one trade a year!

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    It involves a monster resource field buried deep in the Mongolian desert. According to engineering consulting firm AMEC, the company this billionaire founded to develop it is sitting on an estimated $340-billion fortune. That makes it one of the world’s largest unexploited gold, copper and silver deposits.

    Most of the mainstream media and individual investors are still in the dark about this Mongolian desert bonanza. But once mining operations begin and the full magnitude of this project becomes public knowledge, the impact on the company’s $10 stock cannot be overstated. Here’s your chance to strike while the iron is hot.

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Purchased $100K Annuity
“I want to let you know how pleased I am with all your recommendations… they have been so successful that I was able to purchase a $100,000 annuity, which came from these stocks.

– Nancy Wagner, St Paul, MN, Member since 9/25/2003

Earned $7000+ Profit
“We recently cashed out in two accounts with each earning $7,485 profit.”

– Arlo Griffin, Seattle, WA, Member since 08/31/2002

Up 40.8 % Since February
“I created a portfolio which most nearly emulated your
Gone Fishin’ one. My annuity is now up 40.8 % so far since February! Thank you for opening up a world where I can take advantage of your insightful videos, educational reports and updates, which gives me the ability to perform my own investing with confidence. That all of this comes at most reasonable membership rates is the icing on the cake!”
– Amy Browne, Phoenix, AZ, Member since 1/7/2009

$35,000 Gain from 2 Recommendations
“So now I am 2 for 2 with your recommendations, over $35,000.”

– Bob Brennan, La Jolla, CA, Member since 12/31/2001

Profits of 114%, 122%, 151%…
The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio has become the home for my 401(k) money and the stock option proceeds went to individual stocks. Some of my most successful Oxford picks over the years include Fording Canadian Coal – 151% profits… Aluminum Corp of China – 150%… Celgene – 122%… and Chesapeake Energy – 114%. I shudder to think where my finances would be were it not for the well-researched investment advice from Oxford. Thank you, Oxford Club."
– Mandy Allison, Houston, TX, Member since 4/08/2004

My Small Account is Up 50%
“I recently joined The Oxford Club. I always enjoyed reading financial newsletters, however The Oxford Club newsletter was superior in content compared to the others. The Oxford Club gave me the confidence to open my brokerage account and begin making some small trades. My small account is up 50% from your advice.”
– Jill Morgan, Tampa, FL, Member since 1/13/2009

Every Trade Has Been Profitable
“Every trade that we have completed through
The Oxford Club recommendations has been profitable. We feel that The Oxford Club cares not only for the large investor, but also for the small-time investors like ourselves. The company philosophies and strategies are very compatible with our goals. The education alone is priceless.”
– Mitch & Megan Bloom, Orlando, FL, Members since 2/28/2004

Over $1,000 on First Trade
“I have $1,020 more than I had before. This is the very first trade that I completed since joining
The Oxford Club. Thank You.”
– Terry Groner, Gary, IN, Member since 10/9/2009

Tripled in Past 2 Years
“I have done very well with your recommendations. I have made 50% so far this year. I have tripled in the last 2 years.”

– Melinda Pritchard, New Haven, CT, Member since 12/31/2002

Stock has Gone “Gangbusters”
“One stock was recommended by
The Oxford Club. I bought it and it’s gone gangbusters. I'm up over 100%.”
– Armando Wissenhunt, Miami, FL, Member since 6/12/2006

Picks up An Average of 30%
“Have enjoyed being a Member and indeed the fee was a worthy investment – over the YTD your picks are up an average of 30%, whilst the previous picks I had made are up only 2%. Keep those insights coming!”

– Chet Parker, Montreal, Canada, Member since 11/10/2006

Something to Get Excited About!

“In the last year though, having followed a number of the
O.C. recommendations, a $10K portion of the modest portfolio remnant grew to a bit over $14K. Now that is something to get excited about!”
– Henry Michefelder, Utica, NY, Member since 9/30/2003

Appreciated by 45%
“On one recommendation, I bought some and to date it has appreciated by 45%. I am most pleased with the recommendation.”

– Mark Nessman, New York, NY, Member since 6/7/2006

Stock Up About 80%
“Back in September you did a write-up and recommended a buy. I did, and the stock is up about 80%.”

– Thomas Pasamino, Toronto, Canada, Member since 9/26/2006

From $250K to Over $1 Million… and Growing
“I just want you to know that I have more than tripled my account during the last 5 years using
The Oxford Trading Portfolio. When I started using The Trading Portfolio, I only had 250K that I rolled over from my company’s 401(k) plan. Now I have over a million and still growing. Thanks so much.”
– Greg Middleton, Boulder, CO, Member since 1/31/2003

Florida Doctor: None Can Hold a Candle to Oxford Club
"I have, both in the past, and currently, subscribed to other investment advisory newsletters, and I am learning that none can 'hold a candle' to the consistently solid advice of
The Oxford Club."
-Dr. Dan Groth, Pensacola, FL, Member since 4/15/2005

(You'll be able to review everything you get before finalizing your order.)