The Tiny Company About to Go“Public” With True Fountain of Youth

The biggest medical news in history is also the biggest financial story of our lifetimes. Those bold enough to take action today are looking at enjoying centuries of health and wealth...


Dear Reader:

A new genetic treatment is changing everything we know about life, aging and the future of the human race.

It involves a breakthrough medicine... One that goes deep inside the inner workings of our cells.

This process doesn’t just treat the symptoms of old age. Rather, it actually stops and reverses the aging process itself.

Cambridge University geneticist Dr. Aubrey de Grey, after months of studying these treatments, concluded...
“Whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people can expect to live for centuries.”

And Reuters reports that, thanks to these medicines...
“Doctors... have all the tools they need to cure aging – banishing diseases that come with it and extending life indefinitely.”

After reviewing these genetic breakthroughs, Reason magazine reports:
“By the end of this century... great-great-great-grandma, at 150 years old, will be as vital, with muscle tone as firm and supple, skin as elastic and glowing, as her 30-year-old great-great-great-granddaughter with whom she's playing tennis.”

This medical advancement is not science fiction. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Philip A. Sharp called the initial discovery...
“The most important and exciting breakthrough of the last decade, perhaps multiple decades.”

And here’s where it gets really interesting...

Just one company stands to make the lion’s share from this radical life extension phenomenon...

It’s locked down nearly every patent behind this technology.

The founder of this company, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, is the same man who founded one of the most storied biotech companies ever.

His first biotech outfit saw its stock go from $3.08 a share to over $240 a share. That’s when his company developed and released a treatment for a debilitating - and often deadly disease. He also gave investors a gain of 7,547%.

Now he’s doing it all over again at a brand new company, with a breakthrough medicine about to extend the lives of thousands of Americans.

With this latest venture, he’s set to create even bigger fortunes for his investors...

Those who act now are looking at an opportunity to bank 20 years’ worth of stock gains in just a few short months. Here’s why...

In the next 90 days, we’re expecting an unprecedented and shocking announcement from this gentleman’s new “start-up” biotech company...

It’s a “coming out party” of sorts for this technology.

And when this news hits the mainstream media, I believe it could become the most talked about technology breakthrough of our lifetimes. And the stock is likely to storm up the charts as a result.

I’ll get into exactly what that announcement will be in a moment.

But I think the bottom line is pretty clear: This company’s technology is launching an entirely new era of human history. Free from cancer and heart disease. Free from nursing homes and the indignities of old age.

As I’ll show you, the science is real. The demand is real. The treatments are real. And one company’s stock is about to skyrocket as this story hits the mainstream.

For you and me, this means we get a rare chance to grab ahold of the next megatrend. One that could mint more millionaires than the industrial revolution and Internet combined. But only if we act right away.

Here’s everything you need to know to take full advantage of this remarkable situation...

Your Ticket to Centuries
of Health and Wealth

My name is Laura Cadden. I've been involved in the financial publishing business for nearly a decade.

Today, I'm Associate Publisher of The Oxford Club, one of the world's most powerful fellowships of private wealth seekers.

Our Club Members include hedge fund managers, world-renowned scientists, CEOs, engineers, international speculators, Washington insiders, professors, entrepreneurs and doctors from across the world.

Without our connections and inside sources, it would be impossible for us to report this world-changing event... months before mainstream publications.

I’m talking about one company’s scientific achievement that is poised to create billions of dollars in new wealth.

This all-natural treatment has the potential to free us from just about every other kind of disease you can imagine... perhaps extending our lifetimes by centuries.

As best-selling author and Google Chief Engineer Ray Kurzweil writes:
"We've already started to reap the fruits of this new knowledge. We now have the means to dramatically reduce the risks of our biggest killers, heart disease and cancer, and to dramatically slow down the aging process itself.”

So let me share with you exactly how this treatment works...

“The Greatest Medical Advance Since
the Discovery of Antibiotics”
New Scientist

When we are young, our cells are nearly perfect. They have just the right amount of elasticity and strength. They are able to self-regulate with more precision than a Swiss watch. And our cells can repair themselves automatically.

This makes our skin, eyes, ears and everything else look and function well.

However, as time moves along, these perfect cells split to create almost identical replacement cells. The key word is “almost.”

Even though one cell is nearly indistinguishable from the next, the replacement cells have tiny imperceptible imperfections.
Man rick climbing
With RNA Interference, scientists believe they can reverse the effects of aging. In fact, they believe the first person to live to age 1,000 is alive right now, and probably 60 years old. This development will create billions in profits for one small biotech company located in Massachusetts.

At first, this makes no difference, but as time moves on, slowly these imperfections start to add up. They become more and more pronounced, and eventually they become so damaging that all the replacement cells become weak and frail...

This damage results in cancer, heart failure, hearing loss, Alzheimer’s... almost all the worst diseases.

Think of your cells like tiny photocopiers. Even if you have the highest-quality printer in the world, there will be a problem if you make copies of copies of a photograph. The little imperfections add up. Eventually you won’t even recognize the image.

But, consider if you just used the original every time you wanted a copy. Then you could make perfect replicas for years and years.

That’s what this company’s technology does.

Its scientists have found a way to get the “original” make-up of a cell. Its treatments convince the body to use the originals only, and to destroy any damaged “replacement” copies.

The industry term for this medicine is “RNA Interference.”

Biologically it works like this...

RNA is a messenger, copying genes from an old cell to a new cell. But what happens when RNA starts transmitting imperfections to the new cells? The answer is what we call aging... when these imperfections add up, and our body starts breaking down.

But “RNA Interference” stops the RNA from passing along these imperfections. It interferes with these mistakes, so your genes only pass along the blueprint of the original “perfect” cell.

In other words: All your new replacement cells can be as perfect as the original cells.

As Dr. Gregory Hannon of Cold Spring Laboratory, New York puts it:
“RNA Interference could be used to... rejuvenate a tissue or organ... [and] for combating symptoms of aging.”

That’s why M.I.T.’s academic journal, Technology Review, lists RNA Interference as one of the...
“Ten emerging technologies that will change your world.”

And leading scientific journal New Scientist calls it:
“The greatest medical advance since the discovery of antibiotics.”

Because what this company has discovered goes far beyond slowing and even stopping the aging process.

It may be that it’s discovered a universal cure for everything. I’m talking about the potential to wipe out every disease. Including what we now call “old age.”

That’s why I wanted to tell you about this as soon as possible. Because, very soon, this company is going to make a very big announcement regarding this technology. It will bring all of this to the attention of the mainstream media for the very first time.

Think about what happens next...

News stories on the cover of Time... Hour-long segments on “Sixty Minutes”... Op-eds in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal about what this company’s work means for humanity...

That’s why you have the chance to as much as triple your money in just a few days from this situation, with a historic chance at over 70 times your money over the long term. But only if you act now. I’ll show you how in a moment.

First let’s take a closer look at how this breakthrough will radically alter how we look at healthcare...

The Biggest Killers of Americans...
One Common Cure?

Right now, doctors treat you by working outside in – using either invasive drugs or surgery.

But using RNA Interference, it’s possible to treat disease by going inside out. That’s because this technology makes it possible to “turn off” harmful genes.

For example, let’s say one tiny cell in your body begins producing cancerous cells. With RNA interference, doctors can keep the cancer cell from ever reproducing.

In other words, you can destroy the cancer inside your cells, before it starts.

In fact, if any genes are a problem for your body, this technology can just switch them “off.”

The same goes for viruses. Doctors can use RNA Interference to flip a “switch” inside the virus and boom, the virus dies.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means doctors will soon “switch off” health problems before they can hurt you. And it means billions in profits for the one company offering this treatment... As well as millions of dollars for its investors.

Consider the sheer amounts of money a company could make by curing...
Heart Disease. It’s the leading cause of death for Americans, killing almost 560,000 of us every year, or one of us every 23 seconds. WebMD says this costs Americans $444 billion per year. But thanks to RNA Interference, all forms of heart disease may soon be completely purged from the body at the cellular level. Before it can even touch your heart, much less endanger it.
Cancer. It kills 574,000 every year and costs $202 billion worldwide according to the American Cancer Society. But with this new RNA medicine, doctors could safely and painlessly obliterate all the cancer cells before they can spread. Without any need for chemotherapy or dangerous surgery. Very soon, liver cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer will become distant memories. Tossed into the dustbin of history like polio and smallpox.
Strokes. They kill 129,000 people every single year. However, using therapies based on this breakthrough, the risk for strokes could be wiped clean from your body. Before there is any chance of danger. Perhaps with a single dose of this medicine.
Alzheimer's Disease. It takes the lives of 83,500 Americans. However, thanks to RNA Interference, your brain could be made immune to Alzheimer's. Those already afflicted could see the damage reversed. Millions of long-suffering Americans could leave nursing homes, to enjoy their lives once again.
Diabetes. It’s a top killer in the US., causing 69,000 deaths every single year. But with this technology, diabetes could be “switched off” in your cells. Your body would be shielded from any further harm. Damage caused by this disease could be repaired, cell by cell.

Now imagine the profits if a single company can cure ALL of these diseases – using its patented technology.

And the examples I just gave are merely the Top Five killers of Americans. Right now, scientists are testing these treatments on everything from the bird flu to HIV.

In short, this company’s RNA therapies are poised to absolutely transform the healthcare industry. No more painful surgery or dangerous drugs. Doctors will simply harness the same processes already at work inside your cells. Your body will naturally heal itself, from the inside out.

No wonder this company’s science won the Nobel Prize for medicine!

It’s also why Sir Paul Nurse, who won a Nobel in 2001, stated,
“Thanks to the incredible discovery of RNA Interference we think we should be able to crack the problem [of any disease.]”

That’s why this is the most powerful medical breakthrough we’ve ever seen at The Oxford Club. And we believe one company could hand you tens of thousands – if not hundreds – in investment returns in the months ahead. In my view, it will all start with the announcement I’ll tell you about in a moment.

But first, here’s the big question you’re probably thinking about right now...

When will these treatments actually be available for Americans? Is this months away? Years? Decades? Well, the answer might surprise you...

“A Gift From Heaven...”
– Dr. Sharp, Nobel Prize Winner

A few years ago, two scientists from the University of Massachusetts and the Carnegie Institute in Washington won the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for the discovery of RNA Interference.

At that time, scientists also began testing RNA Interference on animals...
  • With worms, they learned how to use it to extend life spans by up to 30%.

  • They figured out how to turn the fat insulin receptor gene in mice “off.” These mice could now eat ravenously and yet remain fit and slim. Best of all, these lab mice didn't get diabetes or heart disease, and lived 20% longer.

  • With monkeys, they reduced bad cholesterol by 60% with a single dose of RNA Interference medicine... But when it comes to human beings, the health results are even more promising...
Consider a 78-year old woman from Ohio named Marty. As reported by PBS, Marty was diagnosed with macular degeneration, a disease causing blindness.

Marty couldn’t play golf anymore. She couldn’t play cards. She couldn’t garden... because she couldn’t even see the plants.

Marty volunteered for one of first therapies based on RNA Interference. Doctors gave her a single dose of the medicine...

It began immediately reprogramming her cells to “switch off” macular degeneration in her eyes. Then when her body naturally created its replacement cells, the new cells lacked the imperfections. As a result, and incredibly soon, her eyesight came back... as good as new.

As Marty told PBS, “I can play bridge now... and see flowers once again!”

Now, this early treatment will be a lifesaver for anyone suffering from vision loss.

But that’s just the beginning. As doctors apply this technology to hearing failure, osteoporosis, arthritis, skin damage and the rest, it might just free us from the suffering of aging altogether.
No wonder Dr. Philip A. Sharp, Nobel laureate and professor of biology at MIT, calls this technology “a gift from heaven.”

As Cambridge’s Dr. de Grey puts it,
“This is not a matter of keeping people alive in a bad state of health. This is about preventing people from getting sick as a result of old age.”

Remarkably, all this is possible only because of the work of a small, American-based company, near the campus of MIT.

This unknown company has unlocked the secrets of RNA. At this very moment, it’s administering these treatments to hundreds of Americans... But those numbers could be on the verge of a dramatic rise.

But in order to fully realize the financial potential of this situation, you also need to know the unusual story behind this stock...

The Company Holding
the Cure for Old Age

The company I’ve been telling you about was founded by a scientist we’ll call “Dr. Allen.” Dr. Allen is one of our greatest living scientists. In the 90s, he won the Nobel Prize for a different biotechnology, something called gene splicing.

He’s also a professor at MIT and a member of the prestigious Royal Society of London, which once included Sir Isaac Newton among its members.

But beyond his many scientific credentials, Dr. Allen is also an incredible businessman. In the late 70s, he founded a company we’ll call “Bio-Inc.”

It was a tiny start-up at the time, but today that company has over $2 billion in annual revenue.

You’ll be interested to know that Bio-Inc’s stock is up more than 7,547% since Dr. Allen founded it.

That’s enough to turn a modest $10,000 investment into almost $755,000. It’s enough to turn a $100,000 investment into well over $7 million.

The point is, Dr. Allen’s passion is saving lives and making lots of money. That’s what he does. He starts biotech companies to take advantage of Nobel Prize-winning science. He takes these companies public. Then he turns them into billion-dollar investments.

In fact, this is exactly what he’s doing right now, at the company I’ve been telling you about...

Right now, Dr. Allen’s newest company is practically a “start-up” in the world of biotechnology. It’s certainly not a “penny stock.” However, with only a $1.3 billion market cap, it still has huge upside potential in light of the historic event I’ll be showing you.
Biotech scientist
Dr. Allen’s latest company has an advisory board made up of scientists from Harvard Medical School, MIT, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. In just three months, this company will announce incredible medical results, which could shoot its stock to the moon.

And despite its relatively small size and obscurity, Dr. Allen’s newest company controls one of the most valuable assets in the entire history of healthcare...

It owns nearly all the patents related to RNA Interference.

That’s right. The company has over 700 granted patents worldwide for RNA Interference. In total, it has over 300 granted or issued patents in the world's major pharmaceutical markets – the United States, E.U., Japan... No other company comes this close to completely controlling this technology.

Of course, this is a huge deal in the biotech world. Owning the patents means no other company can sell or develop treatments based on this science unless it pays Dr. Allen’s company first.

This puts the company in an incredible position to earn its investors a great deal of money. That’s why it’s arranging 30 licensing deals with pharmaceutical and biotech companies right now. And even more deals are expected soon...

To understand how big these licensing deals can be for the bottom line, simply look at a company like SGX Pharma. It set up a single licensing deal with Eli Lilly on July 8, 2008 and saw a 125% one-day jump in share price.

I repeat, 125% in one day.

Kosan Biosciences set up a similar deal with Bristol-Myers on May 28, 2008 and saw its shares go up 229% in just one day.

Meanwhile, the company we’re talking about has thirty of these deals in the works.

Having said that, these deals are still only icing on the cake for shareholders. The biggest windfall is only months away...

Why an FDA “Loophole” Will Bring
This to Market Faster Than
Most Believe Possible

This brings us to the world-changing event I mentioned earlier...

In short, we believe as early as three months from now, we will witness an amazing event that will bring everything we’ve just talked about onto center stage.

It will likely make this company very rich... And hand millions of dollars to the very lucky investors who know about it in advance.

Very simply, Dr. Allen’s company is on the verge of announcing incredible results from a Food and Drug Administration study about its top RNA Interference medicine.

This study, conducted with the Boston University School of Medicine, will be shocking even to most doctors.

We know. We’ve seen the earlier FDA reports for ourselves.

The results of this announcement should lead to immediate Phase 3 approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Meaning...

The first RNA Interference treatment
of its kind will soon be commercially available in the U.S.

This brand new medicine will radically extend the lives of thousands of patients in the United States and around the world. It will also open up the doors to let many live for centuries...

But when this event occurs, it will take even most mutual fund managers on Wall Street by surprise. And here’s why...

Instead of introducing its medicine the traditional way, this company is exploiting a legal loophole created by the FDA. It’s called the Orphan Drug Act.

You see, several years ago, Congress created this law to fast-track medicines that treat certain rare high-risk diseases. As The Wall Street Journal reports,
“Incentives from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop so-called orphan drugs can mean quicker approval, tax benefits for the developer and seven years' protection from competition after approval.”

Right now, getting full FDA clearance for a new medicine can take as long as 12 years.

But like I said, Dr. Allen is a savvy businessman. That’s why he and his management team are laser-focused on a treatment for a rare “orphan” disease. By taking this unusual route to get this medicine on the market, the company cut down the final approval time for its RNA medicine to as fast as 12 months.

Specifically, Dr. Allen’s team is going after a terrible, genetic disease that more than 40,000 people are diagnosed with each year. Most die from it within three years.

At this point, Dr. Allen’s company is winding down its Phase 2 trials treating this “orphan” disease.

Which means the company is almost ready to make its biggest announcement yet about this technology.

And based on early reports we’ve seen, after a single dose of this RNA medicine, patients had a 94% reduction of the protein causing this genetic disease. In other words, most of the problems were “turned off” after a single treatment. In addition, side effects were non-existent.

As one doctor involved in the study reported,
“I am impressed with the almost complete knockdown of [this disease] after just a single dose of drug.”

When these results break into the mainstream in the days ahead, the federal government and FDA, according to its own Orphan Drug Act, will have no choice but to approve this medicine to get it to the market as fast as possible.

That’s why we fully expect this treatment will almost certainly pass into final Phase 3 testing in the next three months. And when the company announces this next stage of approval, this event alone could be worth millions in profits.

Consider when Spherix Inc. received approval from the FDA to start its final phase of testing for its new diabetes treatment, Naturlose. Its stock nearly tripled in one day...
Phase 3

And when Sarepta Therapeutics announced positive data from a similar FDA test, its shares immediately jumped 188% on the news...
Close to FDA Approval

But those examples are just a taste of what we’re expecting here...

A Monopoly On the Important
Scientific Breakthrough of a Generation

What happens if this company gets final FDA approval for its RNA treatment, perhaps as early as next year, and brings it to the market?

First off, instead of a three-year death sentence these 40,000 patients each year may have their lives extended longer than ever before possible - thanks to Dr. Allen's company. And this alone will likely generate billions of dollars in new sales.

Second, because this will be the first major RNA Interference treatment to hit the market this way... and because it owns virtually all the patents on this technology... This company will have a virtual monopoly for key life extension treatments.

The door will be wide open for brand new medicines developed by Dr. Allen and his scientists. In fact, they're working on five new treatments as we speak...

New RNA therapies for cardiovascular disease, liver cancer, hemophilia and respiratory tract infections. All are in various phases of FDA approval right now. The results of these early FDA studies are extremely positive.

In fact, we expect to see the first of these other RNA medicines hit the market within 24 months.

Think about the potential here. The hopes of millions of Americans are certainly riding on these new treatments. Consider the global market for liver cancer drugs will exceed $2 billion. And the world market for cardiovascular drugs will exceed $111.8 billion by the year 2015.

All of these new medicines could each be worth billions more in additional revenue for this company.

And remember, this isn't the first time Dr. Allen has done this...

In 1996, at Bio-Inc (the first company he founded), Dr. Allen used the Federal Orphan Drug Act to secure FDA approval for a drug called Avonex. Today this drug is worth nearly $3 billion.

Meanwhile, Bio-Inc saw its shares go from $3.08 a share to over $240... an increase of 7,257%.

Dr. Allen’s done it before. And that’s why I have no doubt he will do it again with RNA Interference.

Two Chances to Make Life-Changing Profits

Quite frankly, there is no calculating how high the stock will go once the company gets its final approvals for this miracle of medicine. Just consider:
  • A company called Amgen announced its human-protein therapy passed FDA trials. As a result, the stock soared an astounding 14,980%.

  • When Celgene’s cancer-treatment drug cleared the FDA, it ignited a stock run worth an incredible 16,825% today.

  • Then there’s a company called Biogen. It cleared its new multiple-sclerosis drug through the FDA, and since investors have since pocketed 7,547%.
But more than this, the publicity surrounding these medicines will finally put this company in the public eye.

Remember, Dr. Allen’s company will now have FDA approval to “switch off” genes inside our cells. In short, this company will then have the demonstrated scientific capability – and the governmental approvals – to let us live for centuries.

And if this doesn’t get you excited as an investor, my friend, I’m not sure what will.

However, in order to make the most money, you need to get into this stock right now. At the very least, you need to get in before the first major announcement, which will hit as early as three months from now. Doing so will give you as many as two chances to make a lot of money, fast:
  1. You get your first and best chance, before the announcement of the Phase 3 trial that could happen in the next 3 months. As I said, if you want to make the MOST profits, you need to get in before this announcement.

  2. You also get a second chance. Before the announcement of the full FDA approval that might go public in as early as 12 months. If you get in before this final approval, you'll stand to make an incredible amount of money. However, based on what we’ve seen in the past, you won’t make as much as those who took the initiative to get in early.
This is why I wanted to send this message to you as soon as I possibly could.

There’s only a very short window left while this company remains overlooked. When it announces the final FDA trials – perhaps in just a few months – there will be no stopping this stock.

It’s only a matter of time before the national media starts to put the pieces together. Finding a real “fountain of youth” will set imaginations on fire. Every new cure will make the headlines. Millions of individual investors, and their mutual fund managers, are sure to begin piling into the stock.

We’re just a short time away from this watershed event. That’s why I’ve compiled a complete research report called The RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth.
  • It reveals everything you need to know. Right down to the stock symbol of Dr. Allen’s newest company, and the complete timeline of FDA approvals.

  • You’ll get a full overview of the science behind RNA Interference... all in plain, easy-to-read English.

  • And of course, you’ll find out how to make the most money. Because we’ll recommend how to play each impending FDA announcement for the most profit advantage and minimum risk. You’ll know with confidence when to get in, and when to get out.
And you won’t pay a dime for this intelligence. Because I’d like to send you all of this free of charge, simply for taking a trial subscription to The Club’s flagship newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué...

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A Worldview That Makes You
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Nevertheless, while our market calls and overall solid performance have helped our Members grow their wealth steadily over many years, it’s the rare technological breakthroughs like RNA Interference that are the true game-changers.

You see, every once in a while, a “disruptive” technology comes along nobody expects. This technology overturns entire established industries... while also handing you a decade of gains within a few months.

We’ve been a part of most of these technological revolutions over the years...
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The situation we’ve uncovered today is no different... In fact, it’s likely much better.

Why? Because RNA Interference will not just “disrupt” many of the most lucrative drug markets. It will also completely transform global healthcare... and alter our very way of life.

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But this is just for starters...

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Laura Cadden
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June, 2013

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