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Introducing The Oxford Club

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How to Upgrade Your Membership in The Oxford Club


Dear Member,

Thank you for your interest in our most elite and privileged level of membership, The Chairman’s Circle.

There’s an exciting, new development we’d like you to know about…


Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green debuted his brand new, first of its kind VIP service called The True Value Alert. This service is one based around what Alex calls “the single greatest investment strategy ever devised” as it lets you buy stocks in great companies for considerably less than what they’re worth. Even as much as 76% less. His very first recommendation has already shown subscribers a gain of 272.5%, over a period of 43 days.

We also plan to publish several additional VIP Services over the coming months to address this market:

Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld is introducing a new service surrounding a way to increase your dividend yield as much as 33% on some of the safest and most profitable dividend payers on the market.

New Resource Editor Sean Broderick is also busily creating a new service surrounding a glitch in the gold markets that accurately predicts movement in gold stocks.

I’m told the price for each during the charter period will be in the $1,500 range. But by accepting this invitation NOW, you’ll lock in your subscription to each of them – and be first in line to receive each new service! It’s unlikely you’ll ever see an offer this good.

To recap, you’ll receive…

  • All the benefits of The Chairman’s Circle membership including our monthly newsletters – The Communiqué and Marc Lichtenfeld’s Oxford Income Letter, all nine of our VIP services, our books/reports for $10, discounts on all of our conferences/seminars – along with a lifetime of VIP treatment…
  • All current and future Private Interest letters and Premier Investment Reports containing unique investment and business opportunities that come our way… opportunities reserved for our most affluent and exclusive Members. As well as our weekly communication on all of our VIP Services, called The Chairman’s CircleWeekly Briefing.
  • A lifetime subscription to The CommuniquéThe Oxford Portfolio Update and Oxford Insight/Market Wake-Up Call, along with a lifetime subscription to Marc’s newsletter, The Oxford Income Letter and Oxford Income Weekly and quite literally every other Oxford Club resource we publish… You’ll also receive all our e-letters including Investment UWealthy Retirement, News@TheOxfordClub and Alexander Green’s Spiritual Wealth.
  • Nine of the best-performing VIP premium research services in publication today, itself over a $33,000 per year value, free for life: Healthcare Profits AlertThe Insider AlertThe Momentum AlertThe Pacific Advantage AlertOxford Systems TraderPeak Energy Strategist, Oxford Bond Advantage, Emerging Trends Trader… and the brand new True Value Alert. PLUS any new VIP alerts and research services The Oxford Club publishes in the future (including the ones I mentioned a moment ago).
  • A membership that lives in perpetuity – and can be passed down to my children or their heirs.

Please contact our VIP Services Team to learn more about The Chairman’s Circle so you can join our most elite level today. You can also learn about additional discounts that may be available to you.

Toll-free: 1.888.570.9830
International: 1.410.454.0498

Please also be sure to reference Priority Code WOXCP903 when calling in, so we can ensure the appropriate credits will be applied.


Julia Guth
Executive Director, The Oxford Club

P.S. This is a “sale of the year” deal to get all these premium research services, your Oxford Communiqué, Oxford Income Letter and other membership benefits in perpetuity, at a deep discount. We are due to raise our fees very soon!