How Steve Jobs’ Mentor Turned a $5-Million
Pipe Dream into a
$340-Billion Reality

Days from now, the man who inspired the
legendary tech CEO will FINALLY step from
the shadows of his famous protégé…

Here’s how you can make thousands
when his story “goes public…”

Dear Reader,

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression: Legends never die.

There are certain men who invoke the spirit of innovation, vision and industry, long after they’re dead.

Carnegie and Rockefeller. Edison and the Wrights. Ford. Dupont.
Of course the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, is no exception to this rule.

But one thing that history rarely mentions: Who inspired these legendary people?

Any person off the street knows the names I just mentioned. But do they know who inspired Edison to work long into the night on the light bulb? Do they know who taught the Wright Brothers the principles of flight?

I doubt it.

The same can be said for the eccentric mentor of Steve Jobs.

For years, this brilliant, reclusive entrepreneur has taken a back seat to his protégé…

Even though it was his apple farm where Jobs worked in college, inspiring the company’s name.

"He turned me on to a different level of consciousness.”

- Steve Jobs

And when Jobs revealed in a best-selling biography that this man served as his “spiritual mentor,” he garnered no praise from critics.

And despite achieving great success, like becoming a self-made billionaire and appearing on Forbes 400 list, he still lives in the shadow of his old protégé.

In fact, I’d guess not 1 in 1,000 people on the street even know his name.

But all that’s about to change…

Because a special project that Jobs’ Mentor had been developing for 10 years is nearly complete.

It’s not a gadget or a computer or anything hi-tech, but something far more valuable. In fact, his project will profoundly impact the 21st century in nearly every way imaginable…

The product he’s worked tirelessly to produce will be found in nearly everything… American airplanes… Chinese cars… Swedish Nuclear Storage Containers… And yes, even the 57 million iPads sold to date…

The Wall Street Journal reports that it will be “found in virtually every hand-held gadget.”

And the company he founded – the future “Apple” of its industry – is sitting on an estimated $340-BILLION fortune according to engineering consulting firm AMEC.

What’s even crazier:

Jobs’ Mentor originally spent just $5 million to fund his secret project…

As The Wall Street Journal recently confirmed: “It could be worth some $300 billion…”

No gadget or computer has ever seen this kind of return on investment… Almost nothing in history compares…

Consider this for a moment:

Apple spent $4.7 billion in R&D when they first created the iPad.

As of 2011, they’ve made over $18.8 billion in sales. That’s a solid return of over 400%.

Turning $5 million into $340 billion, on the other hand, is a shocking return on investment of nearly 68,000 times more than he put into it.

Obviously, the impact of this on the company’s stock cannot be overstated.       

Especially since this company is only a fraction of the size of Apple. Their market cap is just above $7 billion.

But that’s what makes this situation so exciting for investors. When this project goes into production during the fourth quarter of this year, the company’s stock is likely to go through the roof.

Not only that…

Jobs’ Mentor will finally get his long-overdue credit and join the ranks of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs.

I think it’s important to emphasize that by November of this year, every financial media outlet in the world will be reporting on this.

Which may explain why the investment houses are already quietly buying in on a massive scale…

Goldman Sachs snatched up nearly 8 million shares of the company. Tradewinds has just over 5 million. Janus Capital Management took a hefty 24 million shares. And Fidelity purchased a whopping 25 million.

What I’m about to share with you is no “tech bubble” or best possible outcome, but confirmed and valued by independent research firms.

This company is poised to dominate the market and likely to be one of the greatest stock stories of all time. Even bigger than Apple itself.

Below, I’ll show you how you could make thousands from the absolutely vital project started by The Mentor.

But let me start at the beginning…

It All Started on a Joint Venture
With His Protégé, Steve Jobs…

It was a small college in Oregon where these two visionaries crossed paths, back in the early 70s.

"It was a strange thing to have one of the spiritual people in your young life turn out to be, symbolically and in reality, a gold miner.”

- Steve Jobs

They met one another by accident, just a simple case of walking into the wrong room at the right time. Little did they know they held the key to each other’s destiny.

The quiet and reserved Jobs perfectly complimented his new friend: A loud and confident class president.

And Jobs became instantly enraptured by his new Mentor’s stories and philosophies.

During one fall semester, Jobs worked on his Mentor’s communal apple farm. He picked the fruit that would one day inspire his company’s name.

For a young science nerd from San Francisco, it was an eye-opening experience.

Eventually, Jobs realized that his destiny – whatever it might be – would be the result of his new Mentor and his way of thinking. But it was one singular event that changed his Mentor’s life forever…

One day, while the two were working on a timber venture together, Jobs' Mentor came upon an abandoned gold mining shaft.

Jobs wouldn't have been that excited. He was too busy dreaming about revolutionary processors and operating systems.

But his Mentor stopped dead in his tracks. He realized this was his destiny.

He knew his tech-savvy friend would revolutionize the world of computers, but until that moment, he lacked a creative vision of his own.

However, he quickly realized that everything – including Jobs’ radical computer designs – depended heavily on the availability of metals.

Not only that, he realized that virtually every gadget and amenity in modern society depended on precious metals, as well: Cars, planes, skyscrapers, power plants… virtually everything powered by electricity.

It didn’t take long for the wheels in his mind to start turning…

He knew he wasn’t as smart as Steve Jobs. And he also realized he wouldn’t be making any original technological breakthroughs…

But if he controlled the necessary components to build not only his protégé’s computers, but the rest of the world’s modern conveniences, as well, he could become more successful than any genius, hi-tech developer.

So he decided to start his own mining company.

It didn’t take long for him to enjoy a little success.

The company quickly developed a nickel deposit in North America worth $3 billion.

Then they built a mine in Australia. It turned out to be rich in rhenium alloys, used for everything from baseball bats to jet engines.

Not long after, they discovered 5 million ounces of gold in North Kazakhstan.

Everything was going fairly well for the company. But something wasn’t quite right.

None of these finds could satisfy this CEO. He didn’t want to be a middling metal producer. He wanted to find something truly historic. Something of mythic proportions, something that scholars would etch into the history books as one of the great moments for mankind.

After all, his protégé was revolutionizing the computer world. Why couldn’t he get some of the glory, too?

He couldn’t have known at that time he would eventually discover what could be the world’s largest ever cache of precious metals… And in the most unlikely place on Earth…

The Company Took a Huge Risk
and Hit the Jackpot!

In the modern world, the idea of a gold rush is all but dead.

Any decent parcel of land has long been picked over until nothing’s left.

That’s why Jobs’ Mentor decided if his company – which I’ll call “Uncharted Assets” for now – was going to become the historic firm he wanted it to be, he was going to have to take some risks.

And just like his college buddy, this guy was going to have to think outside the box.

He was going to have to look for precious metals in places that other less-daring companies wouldn’t even consider.

So when one of the world’s largest mining companies put up a “worthless” piece of property for sale, he decided to make a bid.

It was located in a strange desert inside the borders of a safe (if undeveloped) democratic country. The temperatures ranged anywhere between -40 at night and 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.
You could walk for miles in any direction and never see a human being.

But this guy also knew to follow his instincts…

He had seen the land… And knew the surrounding rocks were covered in blue dust – a good sign that large metal deposits sat beneath the surface. Of course, it was a long shot, but he was a gambling sort of guy.

So he put up the modest offer of $5 million.

And then he set to work…

He had geologists and surveyors spread out all around the turquoise-colored hill.

At first they didn’t find anything. But suddenly, after months of underground exploration, they returned with some shocking news…
Something nobody could have predicted…

Forgotten Treasure Buried
Beneath Asia’s Coldest Desert…

If you wanted to see it for yourself, you’d have to travel hundreds of kilometers into one of the world’s harshest deserts.

With only 7 inches of rainfall a year, this wasteland looks almost like a remote alien planet.

Local legends even warn trespassers they will be devoured by 30-foot “Death Worms” that burst out of the sand at any step along the way.

But beneath the harsh surface, lies a sea of gold and copper that’s bigger than the entire island of Manhattan. It’s made up of three major deposits, each one bigger than the last...

Image:The initial resource audit, performed by independent engineering consultants AMEC, confirmed 9.1 million ounces of gold and 4.6 billion pounds of copper.

The initial resource audit, performed by independent engineering consultants AMEC, confirmed 9.1 million ounces of gold and 4.6 billion pounds of copper.

That discovery alone was worth 6,592 times more than what they paid for the mine.

But as they dug deeper, the size of the reserve grew exponentially outside of the initial discovery zone…

After several months, the confirmed resources were up to 13.8 million ounces of gold and 6.9 billion pounds of copper…

Shortly after that report was released, the reserve of gold had swollen to 18.7 million ounces and the copper increased to 27.8 billion pounds.
Then, 25.7 million ounces of gold and 59.1 billion pounds of copper!

And based on the most recent estimate, the mine contains more than 81 billion pounds of copper and 46 million ounces of gold.

Let me give you a quick idea why this is so important…

Most people don’t realize this, but copper is probably the most essential metal to our society on Earth. As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, it’s “found in virtually every hand-held electronic gadget and construction project.”

It’s the key component in electrical wiring, pipes, refrigerators, air conditioning units, electromagnets, and computer chips.

Many people view copper as the lifeblood of our modern society. And the 81 billion pounds found by “Uncharted Assets” is set to become the world’s largest new supply of copper (and gold).

At $3.30 a pound, 81 billion pounds of copper is worth $267 billion on the open market. And 46 million ounces of gold is worth another $73 billion.

That’s a total potential value of $340 billion – or enough to justify the $5-million price tag 68,000 times over.

But here’s why this is especially exciting right now...

Production is Set to Come Online
Within a Few Weeks

After years of development, cutting deals with the local government, training the workers, and so much more, the mine is finally about to come online.

Not 5 years from now... Not 2 years from now... Not the beginning of next year…

Initial production at this mine is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, setting off the opportunity for one of the biggest stock run-ups we’ve seen in years.

Considering ”Uncharted Assets’” market cap is just $7 billion, and the find is valued at over $300 billion, we could easily see the company’s stock double or triple right off the bat.

They are set to blow all their competition away.

You see, most other copper and gold miners are having a rough time finding any deposits worth mining right now.

As Business Insider reported, “Yearly gold production is now on a permanent downwards slope.”

And the president of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold miner, recently stated, “To maintain production, ore is being mined with increasingly less gold in it.”

Meanwhile developing giants like China are demanding as much as 40% or more of the world’s copper and gold supplies.

And that’s what makes this situation so fascinating – and profitable.
By specializing in areas other mining companies wouldn’t touch, Jobs’ Mentor was able to find what The Wall Street Journal says is “among the world’s largest unexploited gold and copper deposits.”

They are ready to become the world’s premiere supplier of these precious metals.

That’s why Terry O., director of the research firm TSO and Associates, recently told The Wall Street Journal:

“You have to take your hat off to [“Uncharted Assets”]… [they] invested a lot of effort into an area that had no history of major discoveries.”

Bottom line: This company risked millions for what most dismissed as pure speculation. Now, at a cost of only $5 million, they’re sitting on one of the biggest mineral deposits in the world.

When production begins, the stock could skyrocket based on the fundamentals alone. (Not to mention what will happen once this story gets out to the mainstream American media.)

Here’s why…

Millions of Pounds of GOLD and COPPER…
Not Yet Priced into the Stock!

At the end of June 2012, the overall status of their copper-gold mining complex was about 90% complete. And initial production is slated to begin by the fourth quarter of this year.

Company officials project the first shaft will produce 100,000 to 160,000 metric tons of ore – per day.

That means in the first year alone, they could bring $6 to $9 BILLION in gold and $2 to $4 BILLION in copper to market.

That’s enough to instantly double their market cap.

But really, this is only the beginning…

“Uncharted Assets” plans to bring on 3 or 4 more shafts, starting as soon as the first quarter in 2013.

And the construction of Shaft #2 is progressing well, nearly 85% complete.

If everything goes as scheduled, they will begin extracting hundreds of thousands of pounds of copper and gold within just a few months.

But I should warn you…

Gold and copper speculation doesn’t always pan out. There is always a chance that they won’t bring up 100% of the reserves below the surface.

However, even if the company only found 20% of what it expects, it would still be worth $68,069,600,000 – enough to instantly increase the size of the company’s market cap 10 times over.

And enough to justify the $5-million price tag of the mine 15,264 times over.

Wall Street hasn’t calculated any of this gold or copper into the stock’s price yet – for reasons I’ll explain in a moment.

So it still trades on the cheap.

But what makes this situation even more promising is a reason I haven’t even mentioned yet…

One of the biggest names in the mining industry has decided to fund the project.

'Uncharted Assets' Receives $6.2 BILLION
to Finance This Historic Discovery

As we speak, “Uncharted Assets” is pounding away at rock in the desert – getting ready to begin production this year.

But as they work night and day, another company is looking to share their historic discovery…

In fact, this other company has already pledged $6.2 billion to help fund the mine.

Of course, this financier can’t just take the land from “Uncharted Assets.” After all, they designed an ironclad agreement with the in-country’s government and purchased all rights and royalties long ago.

Instead, they began buying up shares in “Uncharted Assets” so that they could also see huge profits from the mine.

This financier is one of the three largest mining outfits in the world and trades on the NYSE. They’re also valued at $85 billion – nearly 13 times the value of “Uncharted Assets.”

Their involvement is a huge boon to the success of this project. After all, they’ve already developed some of the world’s most successful gold and copper mines. They’re familiar with the technology and the equipment. And they know how to avoid the common pitfalls.

They’ve even brought in a group of professionals to help expedite the process of tapping into this mother lode.

With over 130 years in the business, this company’s support will only benefit the mine.

That’s why investors who buy in now may have the best of both worlds:

You get to invest in a small company with a historic discovery and you get the comfort of knowing deep and experienced pockets are backing it.

And this means one thing for investors – very likely a huge payday.

It should come as no surprise that Wall Street is suddenly very interested in this stock…

Wall Street’s Biggest Players Quickly and Quietly Buying This Stock

Goldman Sachs bought nearly 8 million shares.

Tradewinds has just over 5 million shares.

Janus Capital Management has 24 million.

And Fidelity has nearly 25 million shares.

These are only a few financial institutions on a very long list of recognizable names.

Yet whenever I ask the major Wall Street players about this situation, they suddenly clam up.

When I tried to get a hold of investor and media relations at Goldman Sachs, my questions were met with a distinct silence.

Likewise when I tried email, I received “no comment” on their developing interest in this company. I haven’t seen any major press releases or anything to indicate why all these Wall Street firms are buying up extensive holdings in this company.

No doubt they’re taking advantage of and protecting their “early in” status.

By keeping this opportunity under wraps, they stand to keep the biggest gains for themselves. And can continue buying the stock at cheap levels.

Then, when production begins and the mainstream media starts blasting the story out far and wide, they’ll lock in all of the profits.
If I had to guess, I’d say that’s why the stock is still available at relatively affordable prices.

But that doesn’t mean a few regular investors can’t run with the big dogs.

In fact, anyone who gets in now is poised to see massive profits.

And judging from similar cases in history, you could pocket thousands of dollars of easy money…

Because Nothing Drives a
Mining Stock Higher, Faster…

Nothing sends a mining stock soaring faster than a big discovery.

For example…

Barrick Gold – the world’s largest gold miner.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them, but did you know they originally started out as an oil and gas company?

It’s true. However, after suffering some early losses, Peter Munk – the CEO at the time – decided to focus instead on gold mining.

Their first acquisition was small. Really small. In 1984, they discovered just 10,000 ounces near Ontario.

And the stock didn’t really go anywhere. But then again, it wasn’t exactly a monumental discovery.

Then something historic happened – turning Barrick from a struggling company into a gold mining juggernaut.

In 1986, they acquired the Goldstrike mine.

The Goldstrike mine was one of the biggest gold finds in the history of the United States. It was estimated that over 100,000,000 ounces of gold were contained in it.

And after they acquired it, Barrick’s stock went through the roof.

Take a look:

Chart: Barrick’s stock went through the roof

Prior to 1986, share prices were only around $1.75. But after the Goldstrike discovery, it went all the way to $52.88.

That’s an increase of 3,022%!

A flat $10,000 investment in Barrick back then would be worth an astonishing $302,170 today.

But finding gold as Barrick did isn’t the only way to get rich.

Remember: “Uncharted Assets” found both gold and copper.

Here’s an example of a major copper discovery sending stock prices through the roof…

Copper Demand Sent This Stock
into the Stratosphere

Freeport McMoRan is no doubt one of the biggest names in the precious metals market.

They operate the Grasberg mine in Indonesia – considered the largest copper and gold mine in the world.

Much like “Uncharted Assets,” they tapped a huge deposit in a relatively unknown and undeveloped part of the world.

They also played nice with the locals, signing a 30-year contract with the Indonesian government – giving them full rights to the find.

(As you can see, Jobs’ mentor followed in the footsteps of more than one successful company that came before his.)

But in this case, it was Freeport McMoRan’s copper business that sent its stock soaring through the roof.

From 2003-2006 copper boomed and Freeport’s stock followed suit. It skyrocketed from $8.80 a share, all the way to $58.43 by the end of 2007 – that’s a 664% increase!

Here, take a look at the graph…

Chart: From 2003-2006 copper boomed and Freeport’s stock followed suit.

That’s what’s truly amazing about this historic find. It gives us two ways to profit, on both gold and copper.

At today’s prices, 81 billion pounds of copper is worth approximately $267 billion.

Standard Bank’s head of commodities, Walter de Wet, predicts that China alone will use 20 millions tons of copper this year.

Given the rest of the world’s endless demand, the long-term possibilities are staggering.

Small companies – and huge discoveries – are a recipe for massive stock gains… as you’ve seen with two of the world’s most successful mining companies.

And “Uncharted Assets’” find is even bigger than these examples I’ve shown you.

But this could be just the beginning…

Why Gains Could Skyrocket When the
Mine Comes Online

Goldcorp (GG) is a $36-BILLION company. More than five times the size of “Uncharted Assets.”

On March 23, 2010, Goldcorp brought the Mexican “Penasquito” mine online.

And on that day, the stock traded for $33.89 dollars.

Just two months later, it was already up to $46.20, a gain of 36.5%.

Chart: Just two months later, it was already up to $46.20, a gain of 36.5% in just two months.

However, Goldcorp’s mine contains only 10 million ounces of gold – and yet the stock still jumped more than 30% in the first 60 days.

Meanwhile, “Uncharted Assets” discovered 46 million ounces – more than four times that size.

Just looking at the discoveries, you would expect his company’s stock to climb at least four times higher – to about 146%.

And when it comes online, it could easily jump 36.5% in just two weeks.

But I think it could go much, much higher in the long run.

So when exactly will production begin? And how do they plan to bring all the gold and copper to the surface?

Get In Before This Army of 14,000 Expert Miners Swarms the Discovery…
And Brings It to the Surface

Right now, the company has all the resources and equipment. They have trained workers on the job site and production is on a smooth course to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

They also have brought in the most advanced mining technology in the world.

Just like his protégé, Job’s Mentor made sure to use cutting edge technology in order to prevent setbacks.

Worker Training on the 'PRO3'
Courtesy of Immersive Technologies

Australian mining engineers at Immersive Technologies have created radical innovations for this particular mine.

Designed from the ground up, the PRO3 and UG360 simulators have set the standard for training in the mining industry.

The PRO3 allows for advanced training for open pit mining, so workers can develop a set of skills and situational awareness before ever setting foot on the ground.

The UG360 gives a 360-degree panoramic view of what workers can expect hundreds of feet below the surface.

Worker Training on the 'UG360'
Courtesy of Immersive Technologies

With this advanced technology, the hazards and on-site accidents notorious with mining industry will be greatly reduced.

In short, these advanced simulators have trained over 14,000 workers who will be tapping into the $340-billion mother lode.

This marks the largest vocational training program in the entire history of this particular country.

Cameron M., the lead production manager in charge of the mine, said that the purchase of the simulators reflected the company’s commitment to ensuring its operators are the best in the world.

This equipment will help to make our operators among the best and the safest anywhere,” he said.

That’s what I love about this situation.

Because they brought in an experienced mining company to help with the project, they are avoiding many of the pitfalls that sometimes sabotage big mining projects.

But there was one smart move that was the icing on the cake…

They Got the Chinese to Pay for It,
Power It, and Buy Their Product…

First, let me assure you, this operation is NOT located in China and does not fall under Chinese authority in any way.

It’s located in a remote region of a very safe and stable democratic country on China’s border.

But with the find being located so close to China, “Uncharted Assets” found a unique way to get the Chinese to fund the discovery.

They knew the mine would not only require plenty of capital, but a massive energy supply.

So they made a very smart business decision.

First, they sold off one of the company’s coal power plants to China for $889 million.

Then after receiving payment, they turned right back around and asked the Chinese to route a power supply across the border to their desert operation.

In addition, according to company documents, “Uncharted Assets” also signed long-term sales contracts for a “substantial portion” of total production. And according to those documents, most of it “is expected to be delivered to customers in China.”

In total, China will be funding the project, powering it, and then buying all the gold and copper coming out of the ground.

Talk about a savvy business deal!

And now that they have trained workers, the equipment powered and the money to pay for everything, the only thing to do is sit back and wait for the returns to start coming in.

As I mentioned before, initial production is set to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, meaning we have very little time to get in while shares are still cheap.

In summation, here’s the long and short of the situation…

A very small company – with a market cap of just $10 billion – has found a copper and gold deposit valued at over $300 billion according to independent auditing firms.

They’ve brought in one of the world’s most experienced mining companies to see the project through. They’ve gotten the Chinese to help fund it and buy the products.

And in the meantime, they’ve become the secret darlings of Wall Street’s top trading houses.

In short, when production begins in the fourth quarter of this year, I believe it’s a foregone conclusion that the stock will go on a massive run.

And in due time, Steve Jobs’ Mentor will finally get the fame he deserves for his lucrative find.

You can see why I believe now is the time to get in on this historic situation.

So let me tell you how you can find out everything you need to know

How to Take Advantage of
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