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Extraordinary Experiences

At The Oxford Club we recognize that wealth is not simply defined by your financial statement, but more by living life to the fullest. We created our Oxford Voyager Club with this in mind.

Our goal here is simple: to help our Members enrich their lives through travel.

But why stop there?

That’s why we’ve carefully curated our array of events with a combination of extraordinary experiences that also give attendees the chance to enhance their portfolios.

Gone are the days when you had to choose between money and experiences. Here, you can have both.

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Oxford Club Investment U Conference

We like to ring in every spring with our signature event of the year – the Annual Investment U Conference. For this premiere event, we spare no expense to bring you the most up to date research from the investing world. We bring together dozens of the world’s top analysts, economists and investment editors to reveal their top market findings and most profitable recommendations.

We organize first-class receptions that give you the opportunity to mingle with the experts and other like-minded investors and we always negotiate exclusive discounts for you to stay at the five-star venues we choose for each meeting.

Private Wealth Seminars

This is your chance to gain the latest insights from The Oxford Club’s team of investment strategists. Our roster of top experts will buck convention and, when the meeting ends, you’ll walk away with the freshest, most insightful research available today.

These meetings give you a front-row seat to learn from the very best, such as Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld, Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr and many others. They cover hot topics like currency trading, options, energy, momentum stocks, global markets and much more… You can always expect to catch the Club’s stellar group of investment experts at a world-class destination.

Financial Discovery Tours

Travel the Thames on Sir Richard Branson’s private yacht, sip a crisp Chenin Blanc at the top of Table Mountain or enjoy an extravagant meal at Edinburgh Castle like a royal. This is what our Financial Discovery tours are all about.

On these well-crafted excursions, you’ll be treated to the world’s most hidden historical and geographical treasures, as well as VIP access to Michelin-star restaurants and many coveted locales.

Chairman’s Circle Cruise

It’s all about our Chairman’s Circle Members on this excursion. Here’s your chance to kick back and relax on one of the world’s most luxurious cruise lines. It’s a superb opportunity to spend a week traveling through some of the world’s most sought-after destinations… to get to know fellow market enthusiasts… as well as your favorite investment experts.

Get to know these financial masters on a first-name basis, learn about the analysis they do to reach their recommendations and hear specific, profitable investing strategies all while surrounded by six-star luxury.

Beyond Wealth Series

These exclusive meetings may range in variety but have one goal in mind: to enjoy life beyond wealth, and to indulge all your senses as you discover the very best ways to make your life more gratifying. Not only will this experience allow you to fulfill your passion for luxury travel, but it will also equip you with the knowledge necessary to maximize your wealth so that this standard of living can become your new “normal.”

Here at The Oxford Club, we believe living “Beyond Wealth” is about having the ability to follow your dreams and escape the daily grind… to enjoy life to the fullest, free to spend your time exactly how you wish… and so much more.