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The True Value Alert

Dear Reader,

Three months ago, we invited a handful of Oxford Club Members to help our Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, test out a little-understood and highly overlooked sector of the markets.

Alex’s plan was to take advantage of something that very few people know about… Even though this sector is far and away the biggest money producer we’ve seen.

For instance, over one 78-year period, just $100 total in this strategy would have produced an average return of $57,876 per year.

A $500 stake would have generated $289,380… And $1,000 would have turned out $578,760… Per Year.

That’s not just some short-term fluke.

We’re talking about a 78-year period of unprecedented triumph for one group of stocks.

And that run hasn’t ended lately.

Clearly, this was an investment we needed to be utilizing. Which is why on June 17, we opened up a new service based around this strategy.

Our goal was simple…

To Show Regular People How They Could Generate $100 Thousand in One Year Using This Ignored Sector

But based on the early results, I believe it’s possible we could do even better.

So far, Alex’s very first closed position was a 272.5% gain, over a period of just 43 days.

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $37,250… Putting participants well on their way to that six-figure target.

Without question, it was working.

So much so that I believe this service could end up helping you make so much money, you might even enter into the top income tax bracket.

Of course I realize that paying 39% tax rates won’t be fun, but considering the top rate kicks in at an income of $400,000 per year, I’d say most people would be pleased to be bringing in that much.

And I have some bigger news as well…

When we first formed this service, it was intended to be extremely small and highly elite. In fact, we only allowed Members of our Chairman’s Circle group to receive it.

They pay big bucks to get first access any time we develop something new. No question it’s an advantage they enjoy.

But now that we’ve seen how effective this system is, and how much money it has the potential to generate, we’ve created a way for other Oxford Club Members to get in on the potential profits.

Keep in mind, the set of investments Alex has uncovered are easily the all-time best performers in the history of stock trading.

One longtime investor from the Midwest generated returns of 60-to-1 between 1965 and today simply by using this strategy.

When asked why others didn’t do it, he responded, “I don’t know! It’s not about high IQ. It just seems not to resonate with some people and talking about it or showing them the performance/results won’t help.”

Another gentleman we followed using this strategy quadrupled his portfolio in four short years.

He proclaimed the success of this strategy is precisely because others ignore it.

“It is impossible to produce a superior performance unless you do something different from the majority,” he says.

Bottom line: No group of investments that I’ve ever seen has the pure profit potential to generate the kind of gains we’re seeing here.

It should come as no surprise that the spaces we made available for Chairman’s Circle Members filled up in about two weeks.

But today you won’t have to put up the big chunk of change required to join our most elite group.

In fact, you won’t pay anywhere near what others have paid.

Rather, I’m going to give you the chance at six free months to benefit from this situation.

From looking over what Alex has planned for the coming year, I have to admit I’ve rarely seen an opportunity as big as this.

And in the next few minutes, I’ll show you why we think you might generate an unthinkable amount of wealth using this strategy… A way to even enter the top U.S. income tax bracket, and then continue climbing higher and higher each year.

Bottom line: This is one of the most exciting developments in years here at The Oxford Club.

So let’s not waste any time. Let me get right into the details…

“The Greatest Investment Strategy Ever Devised”

When Alex first brought this strategy to my attention, he called it “the greatest investment strategy ever devised.”

He does not make a claim like that lightly.

After all, there are lots of investment strategies he considers absolutely essential for every investor…

A properly designed asset allocation model is a very effective way to reduce risk.

Dollar-cost-averaging is a great strategy to make sure you buy lots of stocks when prices are cheap… And few shares when stocks are expensive.

Re-investing dividends is the perfect tool for compounding your returns over time.

And trailing stops are an easy step you can use to protect your profits.

These are all great strategies.

At The Oxford Club, we recommend you employ every one of them.

However, none of them remotely approach the power of the strategy I’m about to share with you.

Here’s why…

  1. Superior Results – Over one period lasting 78 years, just $1,000 invested once into this strategy’s best performers would have handed you a total return of $45,144,000. Divided over those 78 years, that’s a profit of $578,760 per year. And remember, that’s on a single $1,000 investment in year one. That’s simply astonishing.
  2. Highest Safety – Many of the world’s best investors love this technique for its safety. For instance, Warren Buffett uses this technique personally. His reasoning? “It’s not risky,” he says. Along with his other 12 tenets, he claims it results in the minimization, if not the virtual elimination, of risk.

Without question, this strategy gives you the best of both worlds. It’s perhaps the most conservative approach available, but it offers returns far in excess of any other investing style.

In the weeks ahead, Alexander Green will show you how you can begin bringing in consistent sums of money using this strategy.

Best of all, we’d like to give you six free months of this service… Allowing you ample time to see it in action.

I’ll get into how that will work in a moment, but first you probably want a few more details on this strategy.

So let me show you…

How “The Greatest Investment Strategy Ever Devised” Works…

In short, what we’re talking about here is a way to buy stocks for significantly less than what they’re worth.

I’m talking about getting them for 15%… 48%… Or even 76% “off.”

The best way to show you how this works is with an example:

Let’s look at a normal stock like Tesoro Corporation.

Tesoro is a Fortune 150 oil refining company. It operates seven oil refineries in six Western states with a capacity of approximately 845,000 barrels of oil a day. If you spend any time out West, you’ve likely seen a few of its 2,200 branded Tesoro gas stations.

Over the last three years, revenue is up 60%. And operating income is up over 1,000%. Ok, so it’s a financially strong company with a good product.

But here’s what you probably didn’t know…

A year ago, in May 2012, something very unusual was going on with Tesoro.

It had to do with the real value of the company and the price of the stock.

You see… on that day in May, the audited value of Tesoro’s hard assets (its cash, properties, oil and gas reserves, etc.) was worth $3.7 billion.

BUT – and this is important – the total value of all outstanding stock was just $3.1 billion, a full 15% less.

In other words, at that time, if Tesoro liquidated its assets and simply handed the proceeds to investors, it would automatically give shareholders a 15% profit.

This is what Alex refers to as a stock selling “below cost.”

It means the stock can be purchased for less than the value of the underlying assets held by the company.

When you buy a stock below cost, you already know beyond a reasonable doubt that the shares you’re buying are worth more than you paid for them.

Think of it this way…

Imagine your friend has a mint-condition vintage 1960 Porsche 911 for sale. He wants to get rid of it because it’s taking up garage space and he never drives it.

So he offers it to you for $20,000.

But as a car aficionado, you know a 1960 Porsche 911 regularly sells for $34,000 on Auto Trader.

Would you buy the Porsche from him?

Of course… You know from doing your homework that the true value of the Porsche is much higher. It’s essentially a below-cost purchase for you because you can turn right around and sell it for much more.

You know the true value is higher than the price.

The same situation was happening with Tesoro a year ago.

The stock was selling significantly cheaper than the actual value of the company’s assets. Plus, Tesoro was making plenty of money at the time and was selling at just a few times earnings.

So what happened to the stock?

Over the following year, the stock went from $21.33 to $56.22 – a gain of 164%.

And that’s why Alex considers this technique “the greatest investment strategy ever devised.”

By purchasing stocks below cost – when shares are actually worth less than the hard assets the company holds – you give yourself huge upside potential with very little downside risk.

As long as you do your homework and find a profitable company in strong financial shape (which of course Alex does) the stock is unlikely to go any lower. All the pressure is on the stock to snap back to its real value.

And that’s exactly what happened with Tesoro.

The stock was wildly undervalued. The company was profitable and in good shape. And naturally, within a year, the stock jumped back up to its true value – more than 160% higher.

The amazing thing is this situation is not extremely rare.

At any given time, there are a handful of financially strong stocks trading below cost. And pinpointing them can give you lightning-quick and very safe returns in the market.

For example, on the same day that Tesoro was trading below cost, Nomura Holdings Inc. was in the same situation.

On May 14, 2012, Nomura’s assets were worth $24.2 billion. But the value of outstanding shares were just half that at $12.6 billion.

A year later, Nomura shares were up 181%.

Sprint Nextel was trading below cost on May 14 as well. It’s now 193% higher.

So were First Solar, Hellenic Telecommunications and OfficeMax, Inc.

A year later, on May 14, 2013, those three were up 232%, 289% and 127% respectively.

If you had placed $10,000 in each of Tesoro, Nomura, Sprint Nextel, First Solar, Hellenic and OfficeMax in 2012… You’d have pulled in a total profit of $118,200.

And that’s on just six positions. Alex tells me he finds dozens of these types of situations throughout the year.

The point is… If you look for the very few financially strong companies trading below cost, you can absolutely crush the market.

Of course, that’s exactly what Alex does with his new service. It’s the reason he’s already landed a 272.5% gain on his very first closed position. Going forward, he’ll let you know the moment certain stocks are in perfect position to leap back up to their full values.

As I’m about to show you, this could end up catapulting you into the top U.S. income tax bracket. (And if you’re already there, my hat’s off to you, but this could make you even richer.)

Consider… That first gain already could have turned $10,000 into $37,250.

And the holding time on that play was just 43 days.

And I should remind you that today we’re giving you the chance to get six free months of Alex’s service. I’ll give you full details in a moment, but first…

Let me give you another example of how much money this could make you…

505% Gain in One Year

Imagine you made a New Year’s resolution to buy stocks trading below cost starting on January 1, 2012.

On that day, there were a few stocks in this position.

For example, Security National Financial Corp. was selling at a ridiculous 76% less than the value of company assets. In other words, it would have had to jump more than fourfold just to get back to the cash value of assets held.

So let’s say you decided to test the waters with a $10,000 investment.

Guess what happened next…

The stock, just as you could have predicted, jumped more than four times in price over the year.

By January 2013, your $10,000 investment would have been worth $60,500 – a gain of 505%.

But that’s not all…

There happened to be two more stocks trading below cost on that day.

For instance, CDC Software Corp. was trading at just 53% the value of company assets and Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. was at just 58%.

And sure enough, one year later, those stocks were up 446% and 581%.

If you had placed a mere $10,000 each in all three of these stocks, you’d be sitting on $183,200 total today.

That’s the power of buying stocks below cost. They can completely transform the value of your portfolio in a very short time.

Just think… Those three easy stock purchases would have instantly raised your income to nearly $200k in 2012.

If doing it on just three stocks in January is that powerful, imagine how much you could’ve made if you looked for stocks trading below cost once every month.

That’s why we believe they could very quickly put you in the top income tax bracket… Even if you only use them in a small portion of your holdings.

It’s important to also remember, those examples were just the stocks available on January 1… There are dozens of opportunities like this all year long…

Dozens of Opportunities to Double Your Money All Year Long…

On any given day, there are at least a couple profitable companies in this unusual position of trading for less than the underlying value of the company’s assets.

It just happens sometimes when Wall Street traders ignore these less exciting companies. They get so enamored with big-name growth stocks that they forget the very best buys are often smaller, profitable companies in boring industries, like Tesoro and its gas stations.

A company like Tesoro happily continues pumping out cash, but it never makes big headlines.

Of course, eventually Wall Street notices and these companies snap back up to their true values. But as Alex points out, if we get in before the stock snaps back, we can make a bundle of money over and over again.

For instance, on June 2, 2012, BNCCorp, Inc. was trading at just 32% of the value of its assets. A year later, it was up 460%.

On Sept. 16, 2012, MGIC Investment Corp., Himax Technologies, Inc. and SunPower Corp. all traded below cost. By Sept. 16, 2013, they were up 343%, 345% and 413%.

Very simply, if you look for these situations on any given day throughout the year… AND you make sure the companies are good, financially stable firms (Alex’s expertise)… You can very quickly make a ton of money.

And that’s exactly what Alexander Green is doing with his brand new service.

He calls it The True Value Alert.

With The True Value Alert, Alex will recommend two or three of these situations every month. Alex will inform you any time a strong company with good fundamentals is trading either below cost or very close to it.

That way you can go from one to the next, collecting dozens of big winners as they leap back up to their true values throughout the year.

As I’ve said, our goal with this new service is to help you become one of the top income earners in the U.S.

Of course for some people it’s going to go slower than others. Obviously if you only have a few thousand bucks to play with, your income might not grow as fast as somebody with a $100,000-plus trading account.

But if you take your time and stay disciplined, this strategy could easily propel you into much higher income and net worth levels over the next couple years.

I don’t think there could be a more powerful investment strategy to help us with this goal.

Study after study proves that buying stocks below cost, before they return to their true values, vastly outperforms the market.

Royce Funds Research, for example, did a study going back to 1978, which determined that these deep value stocks outperformed growth stocks by a 3-to-1 margin over that span.

A report in Kiplinger’s determined that these deep value stocks have outperformed the market for the last 81 years.

I think the prestigious Journal of Business and Financial Affairs sums it up best…

“They outperform when the markets go down and when they go up, and in good and bad times and when news is good and when it is bad. And they do all this without having higher risk.”

Really, none of this should surprise us.

Buying stocks below cost is the favored strategy of almost every one of the world’s most successful investors…

The Masters of Investing Swear by This… Shouldn’t You?

Since 1965, Warren Buffett has beaten the market by a 60-to-1 margin.

Let me repeat that… 60-to-1.

How does he do it?

Warren Buffett says he realized he was going to be rich very early on in his career. It was during his honeymoon out West that he figured it out:

“When I visited the casino and saw all these smart well-dressed people participating in a game with the odds against them, it was then that I realized I won’t have a problem getting rich!”

Buffett realized, with the help of his mentor Benjamin Graham, Wall Street works the same way. A lot of smart people make sexy bets instead of looking for the easy profits.

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult,” he says.

So Buffett did the opposite. He looked for companies trading at zero cost or below. He did his homework, made sure they were financially strong, and had good cash flow and earnings.

Then he bought them, and the rest is history.

Buffett’s profitability using this method is legendary.

Over one 13-year period, for instance, he averaged an annual gain of 29.5% without a single losing year.

But here’s what’s really amazing…

With all the success Buffett has had, regular investors just don’t seem to follow his lead. Why not exactly?

“I am also puzzled by why [this technique] hasn’t caught on,” he says. “People just don’t want to believe. They elect things that are emotionally satisfying. Even if you show them the results, they still don’t believe you.”

But while regular folks often ignore Buffett’s secret, the truly brilliant investors certainly don’t.

Bill Miller, for example, uses this technique of buying stocks at below cost. His fund has grown from $750 million in 1990 to $20 billion by 2006 as a result.

John Templeton once famously used this technique to quadruple his personal portfolio in just four years.

Other investors who used this method to build fortunes include Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Seth Klarman, Irving Kahn and Charlie Munger.

It seems amazing that people would ignore the proven technique of the world’s richest investors, but for some reason, they just keep doing it.

And that’s exactly why Alex decided to create his new service.

In it, Alex will look day-to-day for the strongest companies… with the best earnings potential… that are still trading very near or below cost. He’ll do all the homework and then let you know exactly when one is a “Buy.”

The best part of all this is the risk is so low.

When you buy stocks this way, you already know the underlying value of the company is often higher than the current price.

It’s very likely then that all you have to do is sit back and wait for the stock to snap back into its actual value.

And the gains can come quite fast. Here are the annual returns of just a few stocks that were trading below cost last year…

VAC… Up 135% SPWR… Up 414%
HGG… Up 124% TSL… Up 166%
NOK… Up 110% LEAP… Up 148%
BNCC… Up 460% YGE… Up 221%
FBC… Up 240% RDN… Up 200%

And none of these are options gains either. Each of these stocks more than doubled in about a year.

$1,000 in just these 10 stocks would have handed you profits of $24,380 in a year… $5,000 in each would have given you $121,900… And $10,000, a solid $243,800.

All you had to know to take advantage was when these stocks were trading below cost so you could buy in.

There’s really nothing different about this than what the masters of investing do every day.

But there is one thing that makes The True Value Alert special.

I think it gives Alex a huge advantage…

Why Alex Green’s True Value Alert Can Do What Others Can’t…

As I touched on earlier, the prestigious research group Ibbotson Associates did a long-term study on stocks over 78 years, from 1927 to 2005.

During that time, it found that just $100 invested only in Large-Cap Growth Stocks would have turned into $88,400.

Not bad.

However, that same $100 placed instead in only Large-Cap Value Stocks would have turned into $632,900.

That’s more than seven times more money.

But wait… It gets even more dramatic.

When you look at Small-Cap “Deep Value” Stocks over those 78 years, $100 would have handed you $4,514,400 – 51 times more money than Large-Cap Growth Stocks!

In fact, no group of stocks outperformed Small-Cap “Deep Value” Stocks over those 78 years.

And here’s why that fact makes Alex Green’s True Value Alert better than what any other big-name investor can do.

When someone like Warren Buffett targets a stock, he doesn’t just buy a few thousand shares. He generally buys hundreds of thousands of shares, if not the whole company.

That puts him at a disadvantage.

It means he generally must target large-cap stocks because, with small-cap stocks, he’d drive the prices too high.

With Alex’s service, we don’t have that problem.

Alex can target the most lucrative small-cap “deep value” stocks in the market, giving you many more opportunities to double and triple your money over short periods.

This will be key if your goal is to generate at least six figures in investment profits over the next year.

So how do you get Alex’s next recommendation when it goes live?

Get Started in the Next 10 Minutes…

Right now, Alexander Green is looking at several companies trading below cost.

Remember, a company like Tesoro was trading for just 15% less than what it was worth. And it was up 164% a year later.

Security National Corp. was selling a full 76% below its true value, and it jumped 505%.

It’s important to bear in mind: When these situations arise, they only become available for a short time before Wall Street starts to take note.

That gives us a quick window to get in and ride the climb as they snap back to their true values.

If you’re interested in collecting on these situations right now, just let me know, and I’ll get you set up to receive Alex’s next recommendation.

Alex tells me he’s got one lined up that should be very profitable. He expects the entry point to come very shortly.

You’ll want to follow Alex’s alerts carefully. He lays everything out in a very straightforward manner, giving you the details of the situation, the company financials, and the entry point you want to take.

In other words, he’ll give you all the tools needed to get in before these companies produce the biggest gains.

So how can you receive six free months of Alex’s service?

A Special Deal for New Members…

Alex is very disciplined in his approach to the markets.

Having spent years managing millions of dollars for one of Wall Street’s biggest banks, he knows that certain techniques work over and over again.

Because of that, it’s very rare for him to launch a new service.

He only does so when he finds something truly groundbreaking, which I think you’ll agree this is.

It’s a proven, time-tested way to outperform the market handily year after year.

The beauty of this specific approach to the markets is that other people don’t get it. That gives Alex an advantage he can use time and time again to help you pull in tens of thousands of dollars on these trades.

Just consider… When Alex made this service available to a few people earlier this year, they didn’t know if it would work.

But on the very first closed position, they found out awfully quick.

As I told you earlier, it was a 272.5% gain… Enough to turn $10,000 into $37,250.

Considering our goal is to help people join the ranks of the top U.S. income earners, I’d say that’s a pretty good start.

But in all honesty, it didn’t surprise us that much.

As you’ve seen in this presentation, companies selling below their true values produce these sorts of gains all the time.

Companies like CDC Software Corp… the one that was trading at just 53% of the value of company assets. It jumped 446% in a year’s time.

Or Impac Mortgage Holdings. It was trading for a mere 58% of the company’s assets. It went up 581%.

Five thousand dollars in each of those plays would have turned into $61,350. Ten thousand produced a profit of $102,700.

The beauty of this strategy is that it’s very risk-averse. By only looking for financially strong companies that are trading below cost, the stocks generally only have one direction to go. And that is up.

It’s about as easy a strategy to follow as I can imagine. So you can see why so many studies have proven this strategy to be the most successful in the history of the stock market.

But because this service has already proven to be a success, and because it’s Alex’s first major new research service in a decade’s time, you can understand why our publisher wants to charge a very high price for membership in The True Value Alert.

Think about it… If you have the opportunity to generate upward of $100k this year, you probably wouldn’t mind paying the $4,500 retail price for this service.

An investment of $10,000 in the very first closed position would have handed you enough profit to cover the cost more than six times over. And that’s just one of the moves. If you did that say 10 times in a year, your profits would dwarf the cost to join.

Considering that, I actually think $4,500 would be quite fair.

However, Alex didn’t want such an exclusionary price for his service. After all, he quit the Wall Street business precisely because he was tired of the brokers gearing every decision they made on increasing their commissions.

That’s why one full year of The True Value Alert will cost a full $2,000 less, just $2,500.

That’s only $208 a month.

For that, you’ll receive approximately two of these opportunities each month.

Think about it this way: If you had invested $1,000 in the very first position Alex closed with his service, you’d have brought in a $2,725 profit. That alone would have paid for the year’s subscription. If you had put $5,000 in, you’d have made $13,625.

And that was only in the first 43 days.

After tucking away the $2,500 you paid for the service, you’d still have $11,125 available to put into other plays.

In other words, the service could easily end up paying for itself if you follow the recommendations.

However, there’s an even further bonus I’d like to make, as I mentioned earlier…

Get Six Months Free

Should you choose to accept my invitation today, I’m prepared to make this offer even better.

For the first year of your subscription, I’ll allow you six free months.

So rather than pay the full $2,500 annual fee, you’ll pay just $1,250 for six months. And the remaining six months I’ll tack on to your account at no charge.

It’s important that you realize we may never make this available so cheaply again.

And as always, our Oxford Club VIP satisfaction guarantee applies to this service. If you go ahead and become a new subscriber today, you’ll have 90 days to try out The True Value Alert for yourself. You’ll likely have received at least six opportunities to profit by then. So you’ll know exactly how well this strategy works.

And if, during that time, you don’t find that it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve increased returns and less risk, then we’ll happily refund your subscription cost, minus our 10% processing fee.

After you join in the next few minutes, we’ll immediately send you our welcome letter explaining how to get started right away.

You’ll get password-protected access to the website where you can get acclimated to the service, follow the current track record, look up Alex’s analysis on the “Buy” recommendations, and more.

Then, Alex tells me he is about to send out a new opportunity in the next couple days. He’ll lay out the case for you and explain when you should get in for maximum profits.

So let me sum up everything up for you…

Everything You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll receive as a new subscriber of The True Value Alert:

  • Alex’s Latest Recommendation: Right now, Alex is investigating a new situation that could lead to another big winner. The company is severely undervalued, despite having a breakthrough year financially. Some of the biggest Wall Street firms have noticed and are starting to take very large positions in the company. And as you probably know, that’s likely to lead to a very quick increase in the share price. When this stock jumps back to its true value, a few people are going to make a lot of money. Alex tells me that this one is very time-sensitive, so he’ll be sending out the alert shortly to everyone who’s on board.
  • Approximately 23 to 27 Opportunities per Year: Each year, there are about 23 to 27 companies that meet the criteria Alex requires before making a recommendation. Remember, the company has to be selling near or below cost. It has to be financially strong. And it needs to be increasing profits handsomely. The moment Alex uncovers one of these situations, he does all the requisite research. And then, he’ll send it out to you when the time to buy hits. After that, he’ll give you instructions on when to take profits. It’s really quite simple to follow, as you’ll soon see.
  • Weekly Updates on All Positions: Alex is also big on keeping you up-to-date on all current positions. Each week you’ll receive his analysis of each situation, tracking its movement, and letting you know about anything big happening at the company. He also often tells subscribers when to take profits. One of the things he likes to do, which I think is really smart, is once the stock has produced enough profit to cover the principle, he’ll recommend selling a portion of the position to pocket your initial stake. That way you’re then playing with house money.

From everything I’ve seen with Alex’s new service, I think you’re really going to love this.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it got off to such a strong start. It is after all the best-performing strategy in the history of the stock market.

But it’s impressive nonetheless.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this could end up generating quite a bit of income for you.

Just go ahead and sign up now… We’ll send you the welcome letter right away, giving you access to the website. After that, you’ll receive Alex’s next alert very soon. And then each weekly update with new recommendations and analyses of current positions. Sound good?

I hope you’re as excited about Alex’s new research service as I am.

Just click here or call our VIP Services group at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 to get six months free. But I do recommend you do so quickly. We have a limited amount of space in this service.

Best regards,

Laura Cadden

Associate Publisher, The Oxford Club
P.S. Buying stocks at below cost has proven time and again to be just about the most profitable investment strategy in the history of the stock market. And Alex’s next trade using this strategy is just days away. It could be the next pick to produce a 272.5% gain, just like his first closed position.

P.P.S. Also, it’s important to note that you’ll have 90 days following signing up to decide if this new service is everything I claim it to be. During that time, you should receive around six opportunities to profit. Go ahead and try them out. See if this strategy works for you. I think you’re going to be quite pleased when it does.