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Ex-Wall Street Insider finally reveals uncensored truth about an unusual investment with a 97.8% win rate and huge upside returns.

“We were told this isn’t right for ‘mom and pop’ investors. But it’s still the easiest way I know for anyone to set up $1,187 in monthly income.”
– Former Stock Broker


Dear Reader,

It’s the dark secret of the Wall Street world. Knowing it could soon make some investors very, very rich.

I believe when this secret gets out, it will transform the markets, making old-fashioned stocks obsolete.

My name is Steve McDonald. I’m a former Wall Street broker and advisor. I also flew fixed-wing aircraft for the U.S. Navy for many years. Today I help thousands of individuals make money and avoid huge financial losses.

I’ve personally made good money in stocks and bonds, real estate, and even options, and happily enjoy the good life here on the coast in sunny Florida.

But today, I stick to just one kind of investment...

It’s not anything you’ve heard of, most likely.

But that’s not your fault...

Because if brokers start recommending this investment to you... it could cost them their jobs.

I’m dead serious.

The reason why is shockingly simple. Brokers don’t make commission from these investments as they do by trading your stocks or options.

In fact, if they started selling these investments to all their customers... they’d either starve or be forced to find other work.

That’s why brokers are not telling you about this. And that’s a real shame if you’re the typical American investor...

Because these investments pay out like a Swiss watch – every month – for thousands of dollars.

In fact, you can get four times more income than with dividend stocks, like McDonalds, or safe blue-chips of similar quality.

But it gets even better. Because this has nothing to do with stocks or dividend reinvestment programs. It’s not about the rapid trading of options, penny stocks, bonds or anything like that.

Yet using this investment, you can collect “stock-like” run-ups on your initial investment... 30%, 40%, even 100%... sometimes popping significantly in just weeks.

You just need to use one simple system... the same system I’ve used... a system with a 97.8% win rate over the past four years.

I’ve already shown this secret to a few hundred investors across the nation. Many of them are pulling in thousands of dollars a month.

Like Tim H. from Glen Allen, VA, who got into this system and already pocketed $2,219 in just two months.

And Andre G. of Londonderry, VT, who reports he’s up to $3,510 in income.

Then there’s Andrew M. from Houston, TX, looking at $6,039 after only 7 months.

So what exactly is this financial secret? Let me show you right now.

Confessions of a Former Stock Broker

If you know me at all, you already know my reputation. Many have labeled me a “straight-shooter.”

But I can’t help it. After eight years in the U.S. Navy, you end up talking like a sailor...

However, if you can’t handle cold, hard facts about yet another hyped-up “bull” market... or if you’re easily offended by some of the “adult” language I’m known to use...

Then please stop now. This specialized information isn’t for you, and I don’t want to waste your valuable time.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to discover a radically new strategy to supplement your income by as much as a few thousand dollars every month... using something with a 97.8% win rate... then you’re going to love this.

If you are willing to be just a little daring... and join me to explore this hidden corner of the financial world... where experienced investors routinely get double, triple, even 10 times the income of blue-chip stocks – then what I’m going to say might be the most important message you’ll ever hear.

Here’s one reason you probably haven’t heard about these investments – the market for them is tiny. It’s less than 2% the size of the entire U.S. stock market and less than 3% the size of the U.S. bond market.

But it’s also partly why this strategy pays out such huge profits today... Because the market is so small, few investors know about it. But there’s an even bigger reason these investments remain a hidden goldmine:

Because these investments provide the only way to earn rock-solid monthly payments from America’s fastest growing companies – without getting nickel and dimed by stockbrokers.

And that’s why you can bet stockbrokers will do ANYTHING to keep information about this under wraps.

In fact, most brokers will tell you to keep your money out of it.

However, despite Wall Street’s information blackout, I guarantee I can show anyone how to get steady streams of monthly income and capital gains using these investments – regardless of your education, background or level of experience.

Like John S. of Byron, IL, who wrote me to say...
“If this would have been available about ten years ago, I estimate that I would now be receiving almost $100,000 a year in income.”

Now at this point, I might normally ask you to sit back, get comfortable and take in every detail I’m about to reveal. But I’ll bet you won’t be able to sit back. I expect you’re going to be on the edge of your seat for the whole ride. Here’s the story...

From Humble Roots to Investing Maverick

I grew up dirt poor in a coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. As a child, we were so broke that a lot of the time my family didn’t have a telephone or a car. Sometimes there was no heat... no hot water.

Anyway, I didn’t let my humble upbringing hold me back. From 1979 to 1987, I was a surface warfare officer and flew helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in the U.S. Navy. And I was deeply honored to serve my country.

But I always dreamed of getting my chance to make a lot of money.

Then in 1991, I got my first Wall Street job with a well-known stock brokerage firm.

I quickly found my humble childhood taught me the importance of good value. Moreover, my background as a military pilot taught me the importance of individual decision-making and the discipline to do the “deep research.”

With the combination of these three qualities, my clients were getting rich.

In fact, I was on my way to becoming one of the top brokers in my company. Stocks, bonds: I traded whatever made my clients the most money.

However, this was putting me in hot water... because management was constantly pushing us to recommend the firm’s low-performing stocks or, worse, “in-house packaged investment products” to our clients.

Of course, this made zero sense to me. And one day, I stormed into my manager’s office to demand answers...

Why should I push the firm’s ideas, I asked, when my carefully researched and handpicked investments always paid off for my clients in spades?

You won’t believe what my boss said back... “Because we still get two out of three...

I asked what he meant by that.
“You make commissions, the firm makes money from the trade, and two out of three ain’t bad,” the suit said. “Our clients don’t know the difference anyway, most are money-morons...”

Well, that was it for me. Enough was enough. I walked out of my manager’s office in sheer disgust and never looked back.

However, I didn’t walk out of the brokerage business empty handed...

No sir, I had an “ace up my sleeve.” Because I had with me a surefire way to make more money than I ever could at an 8-5 job... or even in the stock market...

I Walked Away With the “Keys” to This Investment in My Pocket

You see, while I worked at the brokerage, I had a chance to meet an older fellow called James.

James smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. However, he had the uncanny ability to always make a ton of money for his clients (and himself)... without selling any stocks or collecting stock-like commissions.

I wasn’t sure how he was getting away with it. In fact, I’m not even sure if management knew exactly how he was doing it!

When I first asked him what his secret was, he’d look around to see who is watching us and then give me cryptic answers like “I invest the same way banks make money.

His answers always left me scratching my head...

For some reason, however, I hit it off with James right away. Maybe it was because he respected my background as a Navy pilot. Or maybe he admired how I had dragged myself up by my bootstraps from the coalmines of Pennsylvania to Wall Street.

Whatever the reason, James agreed to take me under his wing. And one rainy Thursday afternoon, he invited me up to his office to show me some of the hidden secrets of how REAL MONEY was made on Wall Street.

I don’t remember everything word for word. However, what he told me next is seared into my memory:
“I shouldn’t be telling you this, Steve,” he said. “But there’s a reason the bankers always get paid from their investments – while most stock investors never make a dime. It’s because when a bank invests in a company, they rarely touch its stock...”

James then showed me how big Wall Street banks will invest by controlling a company’s corporate debt. This gives the bankers all the power in the deal... and gives banks the ability to skim a truckload of cash right off the top before regular shareholders can make anything.

Then James added something that really got me thinking:
“If you want to get rich, Steve, you need to start ‘being the bank’ yourself...”

How to “Be the Bank” Yourself and Get Rich

His answer puzzled me. How was I supposed to “be the bank” all by myself?

Was he talking about somehow using this same strategy for my own personal investments?

I admit it... I was dying for James to tell me the answer!

So I asked him if he was talking about trading corporate bonds in my personal account. James gave me a kind of amused look...
James said, “You’re close. But this kind of investment gives you the safety and security of bonds with the added explosive potential of stocks, while at the same time paying you yields up to 14%. That’s why bankers load up on these investments... it’s also why my millionaire clients buy them and why I’m into them too.”

On his computer screen, he showed me how investments like this pay out like clockwork every 29 days, with 4.2 times more yield than what you get from either U.S. Treasuries or Blue Chip Stocks...
I was floored. In fact, the minute he showed me everything, I knew I’d found the moneymaking secret I’d been searching for my whole career...

Then James began to show me specifically why this kind of investing beats the pants off stocks, dividends, options and boring bonds...

Reason #1: You Get Paid Like a Fat Cat Banker

When you invest in a company using these investments, you’re no longer one of the faceless masses in the stock market.

For example, you get a whole level of protection you would NEVER get as a common stockholder.

Your money gets the special “banker” treatment – your investment becomes a legal contract between you and the company, obligating the company to pay you a specific amount of income on specific dates for a specific number of years.

It’s why investing in this secretive market is so much better than stocks...

Because when you buy a regular stock, it is up to management to choose whether to pay you dividends or not.

Sometimes they pay dividends; sometimes they choose to stop paying. It’s something many Americans are learning the hard way right now: Dividends are optional.

And when economic times get scary (like today), dividends are often the first things to get tossed overboard by penny-pinching management teams.
Take well-known retailer J.C. Penney for example. Its shareholders had an annual dividend going back to 1982. Then on May 15, 2012, management cut out dividends completely. In one instant, dividend investors were screwed.

In fact, a whopping 245 companies cut or eliminated their dividends in 2012.

As you can plainly see, there is just no way to know if you’ll get paid in the stock market right now. That’s the risk you always take when investing in stocks, whatever the market is doing.

However, using these investments, you won’t depend on the mercy of unethical corporate executives to get paid. You can’t be screwed no matter what happens on Wall Street, Washington or Main Street.

Why? Because by law, all of your profits from the investments I’m showing you are pre-arranged.

That means you will know exactly how much money you’ll get down to the exact date and penny, before you invest a dollar.

In fact, the company is required by law to return your original principal in full at the end of your contract. Which means you get every initial penny back plus gigantic yields in return. (Have you ever seen a stock do that?)

Remember, in many ways, you’re acting just like a bank. You lend companies money and get fat payments in return. That’s why Forbes calls investors in this market “mini-bankers.” That’s also why the top banks are the top buyers and sellers of these investments.

However, the best part of all is: the amount of money you can make TODAY is even greater than when I first started out more than two decades ago.

I mean, just look at the unstoppable cash flow from a few of these investments I’m recommending right now...
  • 15.5% from the world’s largest producer, distributor and recycler of lead-acid batteries
  • Pre-arranged gains of 13.5% per year from a global provider of debit and credit card processing
  • And an 11.5% annual pre-arranged gain from a Texas energy firm that’s sitting on some $1.4 billion in proven petroleum reserves...
Once you discover this, you might never buy a stock or trade an option again.

Reason #2: You Collect Pre-Set Payments

Grow up flat broke like I did and you learn the value of cold, hard cash in your pocket. Today, I have no doubt I have the ULTIMATE source of cash flow thanks to these hidden investments.

Look, we live in strange times. The stock market might go up this year. It might go down. It might tread water. A lot depends on difficult decisions made by Congress and the President in the next few months.

As for me, I’m not gullible enough to trust my investment income with money-grubbing politicians...

The point is, with Washington and Wall Street having their head up their butts, nobody knows which way the market will go.

However, none of this matters if you’re invested like I’m showing you. Because as long as a company stays in business, it must send you a pre-set amount of income as agreed.

Take a well-known company like Radio Shack, for instance. You’ve probably seen its stores in just about every city across the nation.

Last year, scores of income investing experts were touting its 12% dividend yield. Until July 25, 2012. That’s when the company suspended its dividend and stopped paying any income. Once again, income investors got the shaft...

But it would have worked out differently if you had invested in Radio Shack using the investment I’ve been telling you about.

For instance, you could have simply invested $15,000... and then set yourself for pre-scheduled income streams and capital gains.

In fact, if you had done that near the end of last year, Radio Shack would have been obligated to pay you every six months for the next six years. You would have received every penny of your initial $15,000 back. Plus you’d have gotten $2,446 a year, for a grand total of $29,676.

Here’s what the payments would look like...
That’s cash in your pocket, not promises. With a simple telephone call, you can set up near-automatic payments like this – without caring what the stock price does... or if management pays a dividend or not, or plans on cutting its dividends.

In other words, the moment you place the “Buy” order using these investments, you already know how much the company is obliged to pay you... and when.

Reason #3: You Can Get Ultra-Fast Bonus Payouts

If that’s not enough, there’s another big reason to love this kind of investing: because sometimes you get chances to score big returns very quickly.

Now this doesn’t happen every time... perhaps a few times a year. But right now, in this market, we are seeing a huge number of big capital gains.

And when they hit, you’ll see eye-popping returns dwarfing the stock market and even options trades. Sometimes it’s possible to get as much as a single 100% payout in a matter of weeks – again, with virtually none of the risks you take with stocks.

For instance, between 2008 and 2009...
  • One investment I recommended could have handed you 26% gains in less than a year...
  • Another recommendation generated a 46% gain in just a few months.
  • And a third recommendation I made – on National City Bank – could have returned as much as 96% in a single, eight-week period.
In addition, in January 2013, my readers had a chance to collect a 38.2% annualized return in just two months... just by getting into one of these issues by Chesapeake Energy.

We never once stood to make less than was promised from this play, but instead we ended up making seven times more returns than we expected. Plus we got every dime of our principal back in full – something you’d never get from a stock.

Imagining opening up your mailbox back in January and seeing a live check for more money than you expected, along with your initial investment paid back in full?

Remember, the investments I recommend will NEVER make you less than promised. And in this market we are making... a lot MORE.

Using my strategy, you might see ultra-fast “bonus” payouts like this three to four times a year. But the cash from these bonus profits is yours, free and clear. Spend it as an unexpected gift for a loved one or blow it on yourself. Whatever you want...

Of course, with jackpot payouts like these, you might be just as likely to plough your “found money” back into more of these investments for even higher monthly payments and greater chances for bonus money...

Reason #4: You Can Finally Put Your Investing on Auto-Pilot

I want you to know that I’m not about to try to sell you on some sort of crazy trading system. Getting into this kind of investing is NOT day trading.

According to BusinessWeek, 82% of all day traders LOSE money. In fact, the academic research cited in this article states, “the more you trade the less you earn.”

Frankly, that’s why options trading systems are gambling at best and garbage at worse...

But using my strategy, you won’t need to sit chained to a computer all day waiting for “rapid fire” trade instructions. There is no “expert” knowledge to learn.

You can buy and sell my recommendations with a simple phone call or even a couple clicks of the mouse. For most of my readers, I’d guess it takes them just 11 minutes a week to set everything up.

And if you get into just 12 of these investments, it’s possible to collect your income checks as often as every 15 days. That’s why I always say my system is like getting into “automated income.” Because with these investments, you can set it and forget it until it’s time to get paid automatically...

Plus I make the entire process incredibly easy and safe. I use my 22-years of experience in the trenches... combined with “insider-like” information... to pick winners more than nine out of 10 times.
In fact, over a four-year period of using this strategy exclusively, 163 out of 167 of my recommendations were winners, or 97.8%. Have you ever seen a win rate like this from stocks or options?

However, being a cowboy trader in this market is like tying your own noose. We need to be ultra-precise and targeted...

That’s why I won’t be looking for the big score...just the opportunity for you to collect an extra $500 to $1,500 every 30 days, with chances for bonus payouts along the way.

For most of us, that’s enough steady, consistent extra income to upgrade our retirement lifestyles... fund the vacation of our dreams... or retire a few years earlier than expected.

Reason #5: You Stop Paying “Commissions” to Wall Street

How would you like to stop paying expensive commissions on your trades?

Well, when you invest in the way I’m showing you, you don’t ever have to pad your broker’s pocket ever again. That’s because the cost for trading in these kinds of investments is rolled into the trade.

For example, if you get into these investments at $5,000, that’s all you’ll pay to make the trade. Not a penny more in extra commissions. And if your minimum yield is set at 15%, you will get 15% free and clear. That payout is cast in stone

That’s tough luck for brokers, but good for you. And it’s a great feature you get from investing like this that you’ll never find with stocks, mutual funds or options.

With no “commissions” on top of your trades cutting into investments, our recommended portfolio would be firing on all cylinders, making the most income from your hard-earned savings.

Just imagine how rock-solid, supercharged income like this can change your life...

A Flood of Money Like This Will Change Your Life Forever

Suddenly, price is no obstacle. No more busting your hump at a job you hate. You are truly free for the first time...

You’ve paid off all your bills. You no longer owe anybody anything. You now control your investments instead of letting Wall Street drag you around by the nose!

Today, thanks to my knowledge of these investments, I’ve retired from Wall Street. I live a life filled with leisure and luxury. I own a beautiful vacation home in a lake town in the mountains of Pennsylvania and another in Vero Beach, Florida.

I travel the world. Summer in Vancouver...autumn in New York... January in Naples... springtime in Paris. Barely a week goes by when I’m not pairing a vintage California cab with dry-aged prime tenderloin.

But a question always lingered in my mind...
Can ANYONE use this technique to make the income they need, even those with zero experience in this market? Could I prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt?

I wrestled with this question for more than 10 years...until last summer. That’s when I set up an unusual deal with my publisher, The Oxford Club...

To prove this strategy works for average people, we pulled together a small group of everyday investors...

Why 682 Ordinary Investors LOVED This Income Secret

By October 30, 2012, our group was up and running. And right away, subscribers who chose to try the strategy saw the cash roll in...
  • For example, on November 15: Trent B. from Hagerstown had a chance to make $523 in cash from a rapidly expanding South Carolina electrical supply company. He got his money without touching stocks, dividends or options.
  • Then on December 1: Alex G. had the ability to collect a $515 payment from a growing Texas fracking and liquid natural gas company.
  • On December 15... two weeks later... it happened again: Fred B., an airline pilot from Plantation, Georgia, could have opened his mailbox and found a live check for $537 from a brand-name kitchen cabinet company.
In fact, if you had been part of our group in October... and you had a relatively modest $10,000 to invest in each opportunity I just described... you could have pocketed $1,187 in cash over just 30 days.

However, that’s just the beginning. This situation will repeat itself almost every two weeks... giving our 682 participants the ability to generate profits realistically as much as $14,244 a year.

If all you make is $1,187 a month – and remember, many of our members are making much more – that’s like getting 93% more than the average American gets in Social Security payments.

Best of all, these original members – most now loyal followers of this strategy – will never again be blind-sided by a flash-crash, phony boom or bubble-burst, or gut-wrenching stock market volatility. Just imagine the weight off their shoulders!

“This Kind of Sound Strategy Is Unbeatable...”

And remember these are ordinary people, just like you and me. Not professional traders at some hedge fund. And not those born with “silver spoons” in their mouths.

Just regular Americans, like Don R. of Cleveland, Ohio, who emailed me to say...
With my busy work day, I am just not able to trade like I used to. So knowing that I can make 11% per year on my money for the next five years just by making one trade is awesome. I will definitely put 20% of my IRA money into this.”

And Bob C. of Alma, Wisconsin contacted me to say,
“I really love this! I retired about six months ago and this is exactly what I needed to round out my portfolio. And it’s especially nice being able to not worry about these investments every day like I do with my stocks.”

Neil L. from Las Vegas wrote in with this,
“I feel far less stressful than having to play ‘stock jockey.’ I’m 66, taking my first social security payment and don’t need that kind of stress in my life! This kind of sound strategy is unbeatable.”

However, it’s only recently this has started to get some attention in the world’s leading financial publications. MarketWatch is reporting that investing in it is “a better investment than the U.S. equity indexes.

The Toronto Star says this niche promises “safe returns in a dangerous world.
Truly, after 30 years in the market, I can now say with total certainty that this is one of the safest and easiest ways to invest today, and it can generate as much as 420% more income every 29 days.

But if you want to get on the inside, there are a few catches...

If You Want in, You Better Pay Close Attention

First off, getting into this kind of investing is like joining a secretive club of investment bankers and other captains of finance (but you get to wear what you want and trade when you want). Therefore, it’s only fair I spell things out before we get to the nuts-and-bolts...

You should understand by now that this is highly sensitive information, and I only want serious, like-minded people to join us. In short, this proven system is not for everyone.

Why? Because if you want to survive and thrive, you’ll need discipline to follow my easy-to-follow instructions to the letter. I get at least three emails a week from people who want to try to get into this hidden market without my help. They want to be “free spirits” and go out alone... looking for yields and profits in all the wrong places.

But one misstep, one change in the market (like a rise in interest rates), and the”Lone Rangers” like this are in deep trouble. ..

Since they lack the discipline to follow my simple, foolproof instructions, they are not only needlessly risking their money... but they are also depriving themselves of the automated monthly income from my system...

That’s why, if you don’t have the discipline to follow my clear and concise instructions, it’s best for us to part company now. There’s something else too...

Spots Are Limited to 1% of Our Readers

Because of the way this market operates, there are only a few open spots per investment at any given time. Now that may seem unfair, and it probably is. But the fact remains:

Only one out of 100 people seeing this message will be allowed to profit from what I’m about to reveal.

I’m not telling you this fact to pressure you either way. This invitation is open to everyone. But it really is first come, first served.

As I said, the market for these is very small. With limited supply, it doesn’t take much demand for the brokers to see what we’re up to... and ruin the profit party for everyone else.

By keeping our group covert and discreet, we can stealthily milk this situation for every penny, undetected, without anyone being any the wiser.

Therefore, if you’re interested in this at all, I suggest you pay attention to what else I have to say today, or else there is a very strong chance you risk losing your spot. But before you make any decisions, let me first show you how it all works...

Three Easy Steps to Collect Your Cash

I’ve told you my income strategy is easy. But exactly how easy?

Well it really is as simple as 1-2-3...
  • Step 1: Each week, simply check your email on Wednesday and review the half-page of recommendations and video instructions and analysis I send you. For most of my readers, this takes about 10 minutes a week. You’ll receive an average of two to four new recommendations per month.
  • Step 2: Decide if any of my recommendations work for you, how much you’d like to invest, and then – if you choose to – invest by reading my “word for word” instructions to a broker on the phone. As long as you use the exact words I tell you, any broker can usually set up as many investments as you like. (If you choose to invest online, I’ll show you how to do that too.)
  • Step 3: Do whatever you want. In fact, go ahead and start thinking about how to spend your cash! Because you already know the payment dates and amounts before you commit one cent... Everything goes on “auto-pilot” once you set it up. (What a feeling, right!)
Within 30 to 90 days of actively using this strategy as I recommend, you should start seeing cash deposits showing up in your brokerage account automatically.

Spend it, save it or reinvest it back into other, new investments I’ll be recommending. Whatever works for you... it is YOUR cash!

Get 12% Expected Annual Returns from America’s Energy Comeback

For example, right now I’m looking to set up profits with a Texas-based energy company tapping into the hottest shale formations in North America.

This company has been in business over 44 years... operates in Texas, Colorado and Canada... has a market cap north of $400 million... and is right in the thick of America’s energy comeback.

In short, what we have here is a very solid company in great financial shape with a fantastic future.

But even though this company has a fantastic story, NO WAY would I buy any of its stock.

And neither should you. Because, instead, you can invest in this company using my way... and get a minimum expected annual return of 12%.

If you’re like me, you’ll take “money in the bank” like this all day long! The minute I find an opportunity, I immediately send out an alert. That’s how my service works. My readers call up their brokers, give my simple instructions and then collect their money.

I’m confident you’ll be giddy with excitement every month when your alerts hit your inbox. Like Chuck W. from Portage, Michigan, who told me:
“Steve, I have been active for one and a half years, no losses. My current holdings will produce a return of 13% in the next year and my closed positions have done better.”

Or Jan R., who wrote in from Lafayette, New Jersey to tell me:
“I feel like my portfolio is on the mend with your service. A year or so of trading with your recommendations has me seeing a consistent, healthy, positive return. Keep up the great work!”

And there’s Bill H., who wrote in from Phoenix with this:
“At 82, I knew I needed more balance, but prior experience has soured me. But here, I thought, was the man I could trust! So now I just relax, buy a few of each recommendations and pay no attention until it comes time to get paid. I must admit this is a lot easier on the system that dealing in naked options.”

Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed with this Strategy?

Now that you know about this kind of investing, the question becomes how to try this out yourself for a lifetime of dependable, high-yield income...

If you want to succeed using what we show you, however, you must meet three more requirements...

** Condition #1: You Must Have an Open Mind...

First, you must be willing to try a new way of investing. Remember, if you’re looking for dividends, rapid trading of options or fast gains from stocks... my service isn’t for you.

We’ll be exclusively investing using specific investments called “ultra-short maturity, high-yield corporate bonds.”

Typically, the yields from these corporate bonds will average 10%, with a few chances for fast “bonus” money along the way – sometimes as high as 40% in only a few months.
Counting both these mega-sized yields and extras from capital gains, you can expect to collect as much as 25% gains a year from my system, plus monthly cash flow.

Remember if you’re too faint-hearted to learn and apply new ideas, this strategy isn’t for you. However, the good news is this is remarkably easy. You don’t need ANY prior experience. All you need is a desire to try something new – and the discipline to follow my simple instructions.

** Condition #2: You Need a Modest Amount of Starting Capital...

You’ll also need a minimum investment of $1,000 per investment. That’s the lowest amount you can invest into the corporate bond market.

However, to get income from these monthly payouts, I’d suggest you have at least $5,000 to invest in this strategy so you can spread your capital over a number of investments.
This requirement is to your advantage... and protection. By starting with the suggested amount of capital, you can ensure regular payments with minimal risk. And of course, the more you invest, the more you collect.

This brings up something else. I’m guessing if you have any market experience at all, you already know that ALL investments carry some risk.

By design, all corporate bonds come with built-in downside protection – and the ones I recommend are among the safest, with a 97.8% win rate based on this system’s track record.

However, if you have no tolerance for risk at all... or if you’re in a desperate financial situation where you’d have to mortgage your home to make a few of these investments... then this strategy probably won’t work for you.

On the other hand, if you have the starting capital to make this strategy work, then this might be the lowest risk way you’ll ever find to get 10 to 25% returns on your money for the rest of your life.

** Condition #3: You Need to Act Now or Risk Losing Your Spot...

You need to be among the first to reply to this message. Remember the huge profits from this exclusive market will only support a small number of investors at any given time. This means we can make no exceptions. We will close this offer the second we reach our limit.

Remember, like anything else, many of the highest-yielding corporate bonds we’ll be after are limited by supply and demand. I shop around for the best bargains and the most solid opportunities available.

If too many people start making these investments, the rest of us will see our chances to make profits squeezed out of existence. That’s not fair for you, me or the rest of the group.

The good news is – if you answered “yes” to each of the above conditions – then you are qualified to join the growing number of people raking in thousands of dollars every year for only about 10 minutes of work a week.

Can you imagine how it would feel to add your name to this list?
  • By using the bonds I recommend, Jeff D., a graphic designer from New York City, had a chance to earn 13.3% annualized capital gain on an electronics supplier... even as its stock plunged by 39%.
  • Mike G., a certified public accountant from Atlanta, locked in a jaw-dropping, one-time payment worth an annualized return of 46.5% back in October – and has collected monthly cash from similar opportunities ever since.
  • Rosemary A., a research scientist from Jackson, Wyoming, had the chance to claim 11% cash payments this winter. She’s using her gains to help fund an early retirement.
The best part is these average folks didn’t need to learn a new, complicated trading system to get their income. They just followed my simple weekly instructions, and then started cashing in their large income checks every 30 days.

The Easy Way to Get Paid Just Like These Folks

If you’d like to try this out for yourself, join me in trying out my new research service, Oxford Bond Advantage.

The name says it all. Because all of the old ways are dead. Buy and hold stocks are dead. Real estate is a minefield. Even blue-chip dividend investors are getting stiffed out of their incomes....

And forget about CDs, money markets and the rest. Last time I checked, 10 Year U.S. Treasuries were paying a pathetic 1.77%!

Average people are not making any money the “traditional way.” The only people getting rich from stocks are brokers and mutual fund managers.

So let me do the heavy lifting and help you make your fortune with Oxford Bond Advantage.

I recommend only bonds with the highest underlying fundamentals for maximum returns. And my strategy makes it possible to spread your risk over a number of industries.

We also only buy bonds with ultra-short maturities. This not only protects us from increasing interest rates... but the structure of our portfolio actually lets us profit from increased rates.

In other words, you invest just like the Big Banks do... You get monster-sized yields and collect your income every 30 to 90 days – with ironclad downside protection and minimal risk.

You’ve wasted enough time getting paid last – after corrupt corporate executives, Uncle Sam and Wall Street brokers took THEIR sizeable cuts.

Enough of that! Isn’t it time YOU got paid first?

Luckily – you won’t have to wait much longer. You just have to be open to trying something new, like Alan F., a retired dentist from Waynesville, NC, who wrote to say,
“I have always been mystified by the bond market, but Steve’s videos and his no-nonsense recommendations have helped me change my investment strategies. In fact, I am encouraging my wife of 43 yrs., who has little interest in the stock market, to view the videos and learn about bonds and how they will help us maintain our income stream for many years with less risk.”

When you sign up for Oxford Bond Advantage, I’ll show you how to build any portfolio into a non-stop cash-generating machine.

And it’ll be easier and more fun than you could imagine, thanks to the four simple cornerstones of my strategy:
  • Biweekly Income – With as little as a dozen semi-annual bonds for automated income, you could end up getting your cash flow about every two weeks. Our readers have had chances to make as much as $1,557 a month, depending on the number and the size of each investment.
  • My “Quick Hit’ Bond Bonanzas – These ultra-quick plays can hand you substantial “bonus” gains in just months – with a fraction of the risk of the stock market. Pocket your cash, or roll-them over into new opportunities for more income. My past gains include 26%, 46% and 96%, all in as fast as 12 months.
  • The Art of the Legal “Steal” – Just about every week, I’ll be finding bonds selling at big discounts. You can double or triple what you would’ve gotten from your principal and income payments. For example, we might find one trading for $700 that’s worth $1,000 at maturity. Get 10 of them, and that’s a “planned profit” of $3,000 bucks. That’s like getting all-but-guaranteed money you can use for an Alaskan cruise... season tickets for your favorite team... or a special holiday gift for a loved one.
  • 97.8% Win Rate – In almost four years using this strategy, I’ve achieved a 97.8% win-rate on my recommended plays. You won’t find any stock or option trading service with that kind of record!
I’ll send you simple, straightforward, step-by-step recommendations that can be repeated word for word to any broker. You can set up your first income stream from these bonds in under 10 minutes.

Moreover, you won’t just be getting my help. I’ll also be calling my “insider” friends using the same rolodex I started building more than 20 years ago, starting with my first job with a major investment firm.

Inside my little black book are the names of the top “bloodhounds” in the bond market. I can’t tell you their names right now because they all work for major Wall Street banks and brokerages.

But my inside contacts know how to “smell” where the hottest yields and gains are stacking up. With their insider information, we’ll be finding the safest corporate bonds paying the highest yields... right before these bonds pop in price to give us even bigger profits.

I do all the legwork... you collect all the profits. What could be better?

You Get Everything You’ll Need out of the Box

You’ll get immediate access to our exclusive video, The Oxford Bond Quick-Start Video Guide.

In this quick 7-minute video, I will personally walk you through how to set up your first bond investments I’ll tell you exactly how to build out your “auto-pilot” income system to pay you the cash you want as fast as every 30 days.

You’ll see (on screen) just how easy it is to set up my strategy, what every person must do before getting into these, and how to know you’re getting into the right kind of opportunities with the most downside protection.

In short, it’s like looking over my shoulder as I walk you through step by step. You’ll even get my personal “golden rules” for turning your bonds into a finely tuned, cash-generating machine

And if you don’t currently have a broker who will sell you bonds, I’ll even show you how to locate brokers who can help you. (You just need to know where to look to find these brokers – my video will show you how.)

If you act today, I’ll send you the link to this video, along with full access to my members-only website with expert commentary, archived issues, special reports and much more... FREE.

However, this isn’t the only time you’ll see me on video. Every week, you will receive my video report in your inbox, where I’ll discuss top corporate bonds I have recently recommended, why I recommended them and where I see the biggest gains opening up...

Along with my videos, you get a handy email alert telling you when your interest payments are due, when you are scheduled to get your principal back and what your minimum expected return is for each investment.

Plus, if you act today, I’ll also send you a special introductory report called The Top 3 Bonds to Buy Right Now. Inside, you will find the names of the top bonds you need in your portfolio to make my strategy work.

Hundreds of investors have paid almost $1,000 to get this kind of information, but it will be yours FREE as part of your Oxford Bond Advantage membership.

In Five Minutes, You’ll Make One of the Most Important Decisions You’ve Ever Made

If you’re ready to tap into easy income, here’s what you can do:

First, make sure you get my free video The Oxford Bond Quick-Start Video Guide. It’s the only guide of its kind out there. I’ll send you a link in minutes, along with access to my members-only website.

Second, you can take action right now to join our group. It only takes five minutes to make this decision, but it might be one of the most important ones you ever make...

Last summer, I showed the power of this kind of bond investing to a small group of 682 readers.

They’ve been trying out this strategy for the past nine months and have already had the chance to lock in 12% on a growing liquid natural gas company... 12% from a brand-name financial services company... and 14% from a leading player in Big Data.

Now it will soon be your turn to get the same kinds of profits...

Okay, Steve, How Heavy Is the Price Tag?

What is the value of having a step-by-step guide to freedom from the stock market and a lifetime of income?

Maybe $15,000? What would it mean to go from risking your money in the arms of politicians and Wall Street to experiencing true financial independence for you and your family?

What about $10,000? That’s a very large figure - but if I wanted to charge that price, I am sure there would be investors wise enough to pay that price.

What price could you attach to your own personal happiness and freedom?

Of course, only you can answer this question for yourself.

But I can tell you this: if you follow my system using the same conditions and minimal capital as this group, you could make $14,244 next year. And then the year after that. Every year. For the rest of your life even.

As I said earlier, it’s important we limit the number of people going after our bonds. This is the only way we can protect our profits. That’s why my publisher is setting the retail price for this service at $4,995.

But that’s NOT nearly close to what you’re going to pay today.

Frankly, this service would be a steal at that price. I’ve had multi-millionaires tell me I’m crazy to offer this system for anything less. It took me literally a lifetime to create this strategy. And you’ve seen the feedback from my readers...

Like John S. from Ogle County, IL, who recently told me:
“I am 62 years old and desperately need this service for my retirement income. Your bond service has been by far the best I have subscribed to in my entire life.”

These are but a few of the dozens of happy letters I get every month. I love hearing about my readers’ big scores. And I’d like you to be my next “success story.”

And because we’ve just opened up access to this new strategy, I want to offer you a special price of just $995 for one full year’s subscription.

That’s $4,000 off the list price.

And if $995 seems too high for you, then Oxford Bond Advantage is NOT for you. Not to be personal, but I have no idea if you can afford this service. You need to decide what’s best for you, based on your circumstances.
*** Bottom line: we only want those who are serious about making incomes as I’ve shown you today. Keep in mind you need at least $1,000 to invest in each of our bonds in order to maximize returns. If that seems like too much money, this service might not be right for you.

I should warn you, we won’t be able to send you this special offer for much longer, and then you may only see Oxford Bond Advantage available at the full $4,995 price.

This could mean you only have a short time left to join at this special price before we close this offer.

And considering everything you get, I can’t imagine a fairer deal.

Here’s What You Get

Remember, I designed everything in my service to show you how to make extra income every month... potentially even every week, regardless of your previous investing experience.

This is a true “plug and play” system – everything you will need out of the box. With that in mind, let’s review what you get when you subscribe to Oxford Bond Advantage:
  • Weekly Oxford Bond Advantage Research Alert – You’ll get my exclusive Oxford Bond Advantage research alert delivered by email on every Wednesday. You’ll get all the details on the highest-yielding, super safe, corporate bonds I come across. Everything is in plain English too, so anyone can understand!
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions – With each new recommendation, you’ll receive simple instructions that you can read to any broker over the telephone, if you wish to take action. I’ll give you all the details you need to invest easily, including the bond’s name and nine-digit identification number. I’ll tell you the scheduled payouts and payout dates. I’ve designed the service ground-up to handle both newbies and veteran bond traders, so it should work for you, whatever your prior experience. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a telephone, and I’ll show you the rest.
  • Breaking Opportunity Video Briefings – You will receive my weekly video report every Friday, where I’ll discuss bonds I recently recommended, why I recommended them and where I see the best profit opportunities opening up. On screen, I’ll walk you through, step by step, all the tricks, secrets and shortcuts I’ve learned from two decades of bond trading. You also get my raw, “uncensored” opinions about everything from the markets to the economy.
  • 24/7 Urgent Buy/Sell Alerts – As needed, I’ll notify you when an urgent opportunity presents itself that’s too good to miss. I’ll tell you when to take action immediately on a promising new position... or when to take your “bonus” profits from an existing one. You might only see these special alerts only seven to eight times a year. But when these alerts do pop into your inbox, I suggest you open them right away... so you can take advantage of ultra-fast payouts of as much as 26%, 46%, or even 97%.
  • Password-Protected Website Access – You’ll receive exclusive access to the members-only archive site for all Oxford Bond Advantage reports, alerts, recommendations and videos. That way you can check on past and current positions anywhere anytime. On the website, you’ll also find our 1-800 number and VIP email address in case you have concerns or questions about setting up a trade.
  • BONUS #1: The Oxford Bond Quick-Start Video Guide – Inside this FREE video, I’ll explain my proprietary bond-trading strategy in more depth for those interested in the “technical details.” Wall Street would prefer that you believe it’s all too complicated for regular investors. It’s not! And I’ll prove it to you with clear, point-by-point instructions.
  • BONUS #2: You’ll also get a special introductory report, The Top 3 Bonds to Buy Right Now. In this short report, you will find the names of the top three automated income streams you can start collecting right away. Plus all the information you need to know to set them up.
There’s never been a better time to get started than right now. And there may never be a better value than our special offer price of just $995.

Are You Right for This Opportunity?

I don’t expect this kind of investing to be right for everyone.

It is after all completely different from what most stockbrokers might recommend.

It’s also a real chance to make all the income you need for the rest of your life. Thus I want to make sure you have every chance to find out if this works for you – without risking a penny.

That’s why I handcrafted an unconditional 60-day guarantee to evaluate Oxford Bond Advantage.

I really believe anyone can do this. I want you to preview my research, risk-free, and give my next three recommendations a good hard look. We gave that same deal to our original members back in October. And it’s the same deal I’m making you today.
*** If on day 60, you decide that it’s not right for you – then no hard feelings – simply ask for a refund.

Keep everything you’ve received with my compliments. We’ll promptly and courteously return all your money, less our customary 10% processing fee. And we’ll honor this commitment even on the last day of your trial period.

Oxford Bond Advantage could mean no more sleepless nights worrying about your investments. No more second-guessing the stock market and hoping you’re right...

Using Oxford Bond Advantage, you can know in advance that you’re set to make money, when and exactly how much, before you invest.

You always get paid first, no matter what. And if you put the strategy in place as I suggest, you can enjoy all the income you need every 30 days.

Start My Trial Subscription Now

So if you’re finally ready today to tap into the proven power of the obscure bonds in this tiny market... I suggest you respond right away by clicking here.

Remember, I can only allow the fastest responders into this opportunity. First come, first served. Anything else would be unfair to those with the initiative to get in early.

Now it’s decision time. And this could be the most important decision of your life. You’re at a crossroads right now. You’ve really just got two options...
  • Option #1 is for you to leave this page and ignore what I’ve showed you today about getting the income you need. You can do this if you want. But if you’ve listened to me this far, you’ve seen how easy it is to get as much income as you need to live the lifestyle you deserve. Which brings us to...
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Just imagine how it feels to have complete financial control over your life – the ability to live your life on your own terms... without worrying about money or getting permission... while never paying another commission for risky stocks.

I truly believe once you see how easy it is to collect automated monthly payments like this... and take control of your own financial destiny... you might never risk your money in the stock market again...

There’s really no better time to get started than right now. You can get started in just minutes by simply clicking here, clicking the “JOIN NOW” button below, or calling our VIP Services Group at 888.570.9830 or 410-454-0498.

I look forward to having you aboard.


Steve McDonald
Senior Analyst, The Oxford Club
June 2013