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Gold and Resource Trader aims to help you bank profits in gold, silver and other natural resources. Resource Strategist Sean Brodrick travels around the world seeking unique trading opportunities. He’ll help you take advantage of long- and short-term trends in metals, energy and more. These include producers, explorers, developers infrastructure – all the ways to profit from mine to market.

GLOBE-TROTTING RESOURCE EXPERT SEAN BRODRICK REVEALS | THE GOLD CODE | A 'TRADING GLITCH' IN GOLD STOCKS PROVEN TO GENERATE RAPID GAINS IN ANY MARKET | Even now, while the S&P 500 and Dow are hitting record highs - and gold is slipping further and further – Sean's strategy is producing killer results. And for the first time, he's agreed to show a small group of people how to spot the Code and use it to earn an extra $80,642 (or more) in 2014.
Dear Reader,

My name is Sean Brodrick.

You may know me from my appearances on CNN, CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg Market Line. Or perhaps you’ve read my book, The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide.

If you’re an Oxford Club Member, I’m sure you’ve seen me recently in the pages of The Oxford Communiqué.

As the Club’s newest editor (and as a natural resource analyst with over 15 years of field experience), I’ve been quite vocal in my opinions about precious metals – particularly gold.

And today, I’ve been asked to discuss something I’ve never made public...

It’s an unusual way to play gold for rapid gains in any market.

I’m talking about pure stock returns of 46% in 60 days... 60% in 80 days... and 157% in only a few months’ time.

Keep in mind, collecting these gains in rapid bursts is possible no matter what gold or the broad markets are doing. Even if gold drops another 500 points, I’m expecting minimum returns of 19% per month.

At that rate, $10,000 would turn into $80,642 in just 12 months’ time. In two years, it would grow to $650,320.

Best of all, we don’t have to hope for a bull run in gold to make this a reality.

You see... this opportunity has nothing to do with a special type of gold ETF... a way to buy rare coins... or a new mining project claiming to be the next Barrick.

It’s based on an obscure trading “glitch” in the gold markets... one I first noticed when I was working for one of the nation’s most prominent investment research firms.

Now, to be clear, when I say “glitch,” I don’t mean there’s something technically wrong with the markets.

This isn’t a simple malfunction waiting to be fixed.

Rather, it’s a unique pattern in the movement of gold stocks – a “tell,” if you will – that can show you which companies are about to rocket higher.

I call it The Gold Code.

For me, it’s been a godsend – like having my own private timer that lets me know precisely when a stock is set to scream upward.

Here’s an example, pulled from the historical trading charts for Gold Resource Corp. (a major producer with operations in Mexico)...

When the “glitch” first appeared, it indicated the stock was in for a considerable run-up.

And if you had spotted it in time, you could have scored a 109% gain over the months that followed.

That’s enough to more than double your initial investment. Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree. But let me give you another example...

Just this past August, I spotted two “glitches” on the very same day. The first one told me that Franco-Nevada Corp. was about to soar.

And just a few hours later, I recognized a similar pattern in Comstock Mining Inc.

Over the next two weeks, look what happened...

In no time at all, both stocks blasted off into the stratosphere. That’s the power of The Gold Code.

Even now, while the Dow and S&P 500 are hitting record highs – and gold is slipping further and further – it’s helping me to uncover one winner after another.

I believe it can help you do the same.

To my knowledge, no one has ever revealed this before. But when you see it, you’ll be shocked at how obvious it is. In fact, you’ll find that it’s downright easy to spot The Gold Code once you know what to look for.

Based on my own experience, a trained eye can find 17 or so opportunities like this throughout the year... each one delivering monthly gains of at least 19% and total gains of up to 129% or even higher.

And it gets better...

You see, we’re fast approaching a historic event that will send companies affected by The Gold Code higher than ever. The last time something like this happened, I saw one play rocket more than 369%.

And this next batch could blow that number clear out of the water...

Stick with me for just a few minutes and I’ll explain everything: how The Gold Code works... how to spot it... and how you can use it to score an extra $80,642 (or more) in 2014.

But first, allow me to properly introduce myself...


As I said, my name is Sean Brodrick.

I’m a natural resource analyst with almost two decades of field experience – and as many stamps on my passport as I have gray hairs on my head.

That's me, 430 meters underground inspecting a vein of high-grade silver at the Guanajuato Mine Complex in Mexico.

I spend a lot of my time traveling to remote locations, seeking out undiscovered or underappreciated natural resource companies. And my job has taken me to some pretty interesting places...

From a diamond camp in the Arctic circle to so far south in Argentina that penguins were running around at my feet.

Now, depending on the type of person you are, that may sound exhilarating... or it may sound dreadful.

Me? I don’t mind living out of a suitcase. But that’s because I know how important it is to inspect these mines with my own two eyes — whether that involves reading core samples or simply verifying that a project has working electricity...

My willingness to spend a day or two underground has made countless people rich over the years.

But amazingly, it’s not what I discovered underground that’s made me the most money...

It’s the “glitch” I uncovered in the trading charts of gold stocks that has changed my life profoundly.

Once I understood The Gold Code, I was able to supercharge my profits in a way I never thought possible...


You may be wondering why no one else has stumbled upon the Code. To be honest, it’s really not that surprising.

See, most people tend to think of gold as a strictly long-term investment. They buy up gold bullion, hide it in a safe place and wait for the economy to tank.

Considering the yellow metal shot up an average of about 29% a year since 2000, that’s not a bad bet. But as a wise man once said: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

The Gold Code allows us to make tons of money in gold – in any market – fast.

As a matter of fact, I just used it to determine that Primero Mining Corp. (one of Canada’s largest gold producers) was in for a big run-up.

At the time, the price of gold was at a year low. Primero itself was between earnings announcements with no big news on the horizon.

But regardless, The Gold Code indicated the company was a buy. And just look at what happened next...

In less than a month, members of my inner circle had the chance to score a 28% return... enough to beat the S&P more than 19 times over.

That’s what The Gold Code does; it tells me whenever a gold stock is poised to launch into a quick, short-term burst.

These aren’t massive, prolonged gains. Instead, we’re looking at very predictable moments to collect 28%... 42%... 76% in a few weeks — sometimes in just a few days.

Personally, I find that much more desirable than shooting for the occasional 200% winner.

If you shoot for that, you might get a win rate of 1 out of 3, at best. That might be good in baseball, but in the stock market, I prefer opportunities that are always making money.

Ours are much more dependable – and in the grand scheme of things, they can be even more profitable.

Think about this...

If you collected a 28% return in two weeks... then rolled your profits into a 42% winner just a few days later... and you rolled those profits into a 76% gain...

You’d be looking at a total return of 220%... enough to turn $5,000 into almost $16,000.

So you can see why I prefer reliable, fast returns that crush the market over swinging for the fences any day.

But that’s not to say The Gold Code can’t unlock its fair share of triple-digit winners...

Like Royal Gold, Inc...

Royal is a royalty and streaming company, which means it buys its production from other miners at a discounted rate. As an investment class, I tend to like these guys anyway. But if you had noticed this “glitch” in its trading pattern, you’d have known the stock was in for a big move...

Within days, the company launched into an epic 129% run... enough to more than double your initial investment.

“Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves.”

– Norm Franz

I believe scoring these kinds of gains is entirely possible for anyone who knows about The Gold Code.

These returns may not be as big as the ones you’ve seen in some other presentations, but that’s because they’re all completely realistic and attainable. In fact, many are from real plays I’ve shown my followers.

So while other analysts will sit there and claim they can generate a constant stream of 1,000% returns, I’ll just tell you this...

I know, without question, that I can deliver quick-hitting opportunities like the ones I’ve mentioned... month after month... year after year... in any economic climate.

And the fact is, this method of generating short, quick hitters in a few weeks or months can actually multiply your money faster than you’ve ever expected.

In my experience, the average Gold Code play can generate at least 19% every month.

Now that might not sound like much, but consider...

In just one year, 19% each month would turn $10,000 into $80,642.

By year two, you’d be sitting on an extra $650,320.

And let me tell you, with The Gold Code, it’s entirely possible to find gains at least this big every single month.

And most of the time even bigger!

That’s what I love about The Gold Code. Collecting gains in the 1,000% range is nearly impossible. It might happen once every couple of months.

But finding at least a 19% gain each month is downright easy.

Better yet, you don’t have to mess with some risky options strategy... or hope that a bunch of penny stocks rise from the depths to achieve greatness.

Instead, you’re playing gold – history’s most reliable asset – for potentially life-changing returns.

Returns like...
  • 127% on McEwen Mining Inc.
  • 85% on Coeur Mining Inc.
  • 371% on Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
  • 265% on Stillwater Mining Co.
  • 59% on Newmont Mining Corp.
Let me show you how it all works...


As I mentioned earlier, The Gold Code is a unique pattern that only affects certain gold stocks. I sometimes refer to it as a “glitch” because when I first spotted it, that’s what I thought it was.

At the time, I was writing for an investment newsletter that covered all sorts of resource companies – from industrial metals like steel and palladium to alternative energies like wind and solar.

To make it easier to sift through the thousands of companies I was interested in, I decided to develop a system for determining when gold stocks would rise.

At first I just focused on normal things like low valuation, cost advantage, chart action, etc. And the results I got were fine... but they weren’t quite what I was looking for.

So I kept plugging away...

I spent months refining my screen, trying out different combinations of dozens of qualifiers. Every time I thought I had it, it would turn out to be just slightly off.

It was maddening.

Yes, I could predict movements with some accuracy, but not enough to be truly groundbreaking.

Then a funny thing happened. I found a unique characteristic I hadn’t noticed before...

It had to do with the way gold stocks move...

You see, these stocks generally follow predictable patterns that have to do with the price of physical gold. But every once in a while, there is a sudden shift in those movements.

The first time I discovered this was on a relatively unknown miner. I spotted the “glitch” and thought, “that was weird.”

So I decided to track this particular stock.

Sure enough, it went up. And not just a couple of points either – this thing blasted off.

By the time I recommended it to my subscribers, they were able to catch the tail end of an 88% gain.

I was stunned – and a little unsure about what just happened. So I decided to look for the “glitch” once again.

I soon spotted it in another gold company. But now I knew what I was looking for. I told my subscribers right away and, like clockwork, the stock went on to rocket more than 300%.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Sure, I’ve made some tweaks to The Gold Code over the years. For example, I’ve set it to eliminate all gold microcaps, since they can be unstable. I’ve also configured it to analyze mining production figures. (And of course I personally confirm the potential of each pick before I recommend it to my followers.)

But essentially, this “glitch” works the same today as it did the first time I used it.

Once I showed it to my friends at The Oxford Club, they were so impressed that they asked me to create a brand-new research service, built around The Gold Code.

And I’d like to invite you to try it out as a charter member.

I’ll explain more about what that entails in just a minute.

But first, let me give you an actual glimpse of the “glitch” in action.

To be clear: I’m only going to show you this once – and quickly. This is my own proprietary strategy after all...


Here’s a screenshot of a mining company I started following back in July...

This chart shows us two things: the stock’s trading pattern and its volume.

If you look, you’ll notice there are wide gaps in the trading pattern at three separate points. And each of those moments coincides with large spikes in volume.

You’ll notice that at those exact moments, the stock always changes direction.

This is, essentially, the “glitch.”

In this particular case, it was a small movement. The share price jumped 22%.

But it did it in 14 days.

This is what I love about The Gold Code. It allows us to capture short, predictable movements in gold stocks. And if we do it again and again throughout the year, we can collect a ton of money.

As I said earlier, I expect a minimum monthly gain of around 19%. Some will be bigger. Some will be smaller. But that’s generally what I’ve found.

Do that for one year’s time with a $10k stake and you’re looking at an extra $80k for the year.

It’s really that simple.

Of course, The Gold Code itself is a bit more complex than what I just showed you. I wouldn’t just give away a secret as valuable as this.

But the truth is, once you get good at spotting it, you’ll have no trouble unlocking a steady stream of profits.

You could even end up doing better than the $80k I’ve set as a goal for the year ahead. Let me show you how The Gold Code could have helped you score over two hundred grand last year...


For the following example, I want you to know that I’m using potential returns from six real companies that were affected by The Gold Code last year.

I didn’t go crazy looking for the biggest, most outrageous gains. In fact, some of these numbers may seem pretty tame compared to what you’re used to seeing in a presentation like this.

But I think it’s important for you to understand just how much you stand to gain once you start using my system.

This is an example of how you could have done over a single year by using the Code...

Say you spotted The Gold Code when it began affecting Tanzanian Royalty Exploration on January 17, 2012.

Within days, the stock jumps from $2.68/share to $3.43/share. And by March, it’s up almost 97%.

Enough to turn $5,000 into $9,833.

But before March is out, The Gold Code also signals that Gold Reserve Inc. is about to take off.

In just a week’s time...

You’d have the chance to score another 42%. Then, on April 9, The Gold Code indicates that Agnico-Eagle Mines is about to take off.

Sure enough, before the month is out you’ve booked an additional 23.4%.

In May, you follow The Gold Code and move into Comstock Mining.

Fifty-seven days later, you’ve scored an 83% return. But you’ve still got five months – and two more plays – ahead of you...

Like rapid fire, The Gold Code tells you China Gold International is about to soar...

Followed by General Moly Inc.

And you play them both for a combined 110% gain.

When it’s all said and done, you’ve scored a cumulative 354% return – or 29.5% per month.

Just think about that for a second...

If you started the year with $10,000 and grew it by 29.5% each month, you would have ended up with $222,452.

Granted, you would have had to make some precise moves – at exactly the right times – to achieve the results I just described.

But it isn’t far-fetched to imagine you’ll regularly score the same kinds of gains once you start using The Gold Code.

With that said, I’m a conservative guy...

I like to be realistic. That’s why I feel 19% a month is a totally reasonable goal.

After all, as I said earlier, that’s still enough to turn $10,000 into $80,642 over the course of a year.

In two years, you’d have $650,320...

And if you did even better and actually averaged 29.5% a month like in the example I showed you, two years from now you’d be sitting on almost five million dollars.

Imagine what you could do with that kind of money...

You could spend the summers with your family at a grand lakeside vacation home...

Buy the car of your dreams without breaking a sweat...

Travel the world...

And personally pay for your children or grandchildren’s college expenses in full.

In fact, this may not be as far-fetched as you might think. Because there’s reason to believe The Gold Code could soon produce some of the biggest winners since I uncovered it...

Over the coming months, I predict it will become increasingly likely that you could achieve these sorts of life-altering returns...

Because I believe gold is on the verge of a run-up greater than what we saw in the bull markets of 2005 and 2009 combined.

And once it takes off, companies affected by The Gold Code will launch higher than ever... I’m expecting returns well into the triple, possibly even the quadruple digits.

How can I be so sure?


Well first off, I should point out again... The great thing about The Gold Code is that it’s all but immune to what’s going on with gold or the markets.

However, I have found that a gold bull market can supercharge the monthly returns you can expect with this strategy.

And this may sound harsh, but anyone who tells you the price of gold is going to continue downward is either ignorant or a liar.

Here’s why...

Since 2000, the prices of commodities like gold, coal, copper and uranium have actually gone up more than 175%.

According to analysts at McKinsey and Company: “At a time when the world economy remains below full power, this phenomenon is striking and a sign that the supercycle is alive and well.”

What’s even more telling is the fact that the central banks – who’ve spent years warning investors to stay away from gold – bought 544 tons last year.

And they’re not slowing down either. According to the IMF, eight central banks increased their gold holdings in August.

Russia, which possesses one of the world’s largest gold reserves, grew its holdings to over 1,000 tonnes.

Just look at this chart...

In five years, the central banks went from selling off massive chunks of their gold reserves to buying record amounts of the yellow metal.

Morgan Stanley is predicting they'll pick up another 500 tonnes by 2018.

So what does that mean, exactly? (Aside from the fact that the central banks are run by a bunch of hypocrites...)

It means the price of gold is about to skyrocket. And that isn’t just my opinion. Here’s a chart comparing U.S. gold holdings and gold prices since 1990:

When the U.S. increased its gold reserves in 2002, the price of gold went up 24%...

When we grew our holdings in 2010, the price of gold shot up 30%...

Okay, so what can you take away from all this?

In short, the price of gold historically follows demand from the central banks. And as I’ve shown you, the central banks are buying a heck of a lot of gold.

Better yet, the price of gold shoots up even faster when the U.S. is increasing holdings. And right now, our government is holding record levels of gold.

BUT, and this is very important...

Even as central banks are buying tons and tons of gold, everyday investors are not – at least not yet.

But once again, I’ll let my chart do the talking...

As you can see, every time gold stocks hit a certain selling point, they suddenly turn around for a major run-up.

You can see it clear as day on the chart. It’s happened five times in a row, and it’s just hitting that bottom point once again.

The last time this happened, near the end of 2009, gold stocks went on to post a 160% return.

And I believe this, coupled with demand from the central banks, is going to send companies affected by The Gold Code through the roof.

In fact, it’s already begun. Here’s just a tiny sample of the potential returns you could have seen over the last few years...
  • 127% on McEwen Mining Inc.
  • 369% on Great Panther Resources
  • 235% on Stillwater Mining Co.
  • 497% on Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
As I said, I’m sure you can easily score the same kinds of life-altering returns.

To get started, all you need to do is try out my new research service, Gold & Resource Trader.

With it, you’ll get an instant email notification every time the Code points me to a breaking opportunity in gold. That way, you’ll be perfectly positioned to lock in gain after gain.

Of course, there’s one important thing I should mention...


The Gold Code has just indicated that not one, but several gold stocks are about to take off within the next few days.

GOLD CODE OPPORTUNITY #1: Elephant-Sized Chunks of Gold
This high-grade producer is operating in one of the last spots on Earth where elephant-sized gold deposits can be found. It’s had a banner year in terms of production and is about to bring a second mine online. But that’s not why I’m expecting it to blast off in 2014... I’m excited because this young company just triggered not one but several of the Gold Code’s qualifiers. And when everything clicks into place, I’m expecting the company to rocket 60% or higher...
GOLD CODE OPPORTUNITY #2: Triple-Digit Returns at a Discount
This bargain-priced miner is on track to produce $43,230,000 worth of gold in 2013. And when those final numbers are reported, it’s sure to give the stock a big boost. But the real story here is the company’s recent trading pattern. From what The Gold Code has shown me so far, it’s right in the sweet spot for an epic triple-digit run-up...
GOLD CODE OPPORTUNITY #3: 2014’s Hottest Gold Play
I recently had the opportunity to tour this company’s facility. While I was there, I saw some impressive samples, but it’s what I saw later – when I consulted The Gold Code – that truly made my jaw drop. The company’s unusual trading pattern has me thinking it could become our single biggest winner of 2014... with an eventual return of 300% or more...

To help you take advantage of these urgent opportunities, I want to rush you a copy of my new report, The Gold Code: Unlocking Value in Gold Miners.

In it, I’ve included every actionable detail, right down to the ticker symbols, for each of these explosive plays.

It’s all yours once you subscribe to Gold & Resource Trader.

Here’s the part where you say, “Okay... so how much will that cost me?” Frankly, I think you’ll be surprised...


You see, in over 25 years, The Oxford Club has never published anything like Gold & Resource Trader. In fact, I am one of the few metals experts who’ve ever worked here.

Because of the tremendous opportunity in this market right now, and my niche expertise, I’ve been given the green light to provide discounted access for this charter launch.

So here’s what I propose...

Normally, I will want to offer members a full year subscription to Gold & Resource Trader for $2,495.

Considering you stand to make as much as 30 times that amount – probably more – over the next year, I think that price is an exceptional value.

But even so, I want to make this deal even sweeter...

If you sign up today, I’ll take $500 off the price of your subscription.

So you’ll only pay $1,995. And not just for your first year either – you’ll get this rate for as long as you stay a member.

But I need you to understand something...

I cannot justify doing this for very long. So if you need time to consider my offer, just be aware that you may miss out on this incredible rate.

Again, I’m only asking you to pay $1,995 – for intelligence that could help you net as much as $650,320 (or higher) over the next 24 months... And as always, our Oxford Club VIP satisfaction guarantee applies to this service. If you go ahead and become a new subscriber today, you’ll have 90 days to try out Gold & Resource Trader for yourself.

I’ll likely have given you at least six opportunities to profit using The Gold Code by then. So you’ll know exactly how well it works.

And if, during that time, you don’t find that it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve increased returns and less risk, then we’ll happily refund your membership fee, minus our 10% processing fee.

To me, it’s a no-brainer. But then again, I’ve seen firsthand what The Gold Code can do.

And like I said, I’m expecting it to generate some truly massive returns in 2014. The only question is: Will you be along for the ride?


Here’s a full list of everything you’ll get once you sign up for Gold & Resource Trader:
My special report, The Gold Code: Unlocking Value in Gold Miners: This premium report contains everything you need to know about Gold Code investing. Plus, three stocks that will blast off over the coming months, well into 2014. Consider it your primer for playing history’s most reliable asset for huge gains.
Approximately 17 (or more) scheduled recommendations each year: It would be foolish of me to promise a new Gold Code-generated pick every single week. The “glitch” only alerts me if a company meets my rigid criteria. And I’ll only recommend it if I feel it has a high probability of launching into the double or triple digits. That said, I think you can reasonably expect around two Gold Code picks a month – more than enough to keep you profiting consistently.
Weekly updates on every position: Whether I’m at a diamond camp in the Arctic Circle or trudging around South America, I’ll send you an email each week with updates on all of our open positions. And if we need to close out a position and take profits, I’ll be sure to send you an urgent sell notice.
The hottest plays in gold... and beyond: As you know, I spend a lot of my time researching the broader natural resource markets. So from time to time, I may recommend an energy stock or another basic materials opportunity that I feel is too good to pass up.

There’s no other way for ordinary investors to play gold – history’s most reliable investment – for regular, sizable returns.

As I’ve said throughout this letter, I have no doubt that you could use The Gold Code to explode your income next year by as much as $80,642 or higher.

To get started, just click here or call our VIP Services Group at 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498.

Remember: if you sign up today, I’ll cut $500 off the regular price.

But you must act quickly.

Good investing,

Sean Brodrick
Resource Strategist
The Oxford Club

P.S. The next Gold Code stock is set to take off any day now. I want to rush you my premium report containing all the actionable details. You just have to agree to give Gold & Resource Trader a try. That way, you’ll be in the perfect position to profit – on these and all of my future Gold Code recommendations. Do hurry.