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With the Chairman’s Circle Membership you are entitled to everything The Oxford Club publishes for a lifetime, including The Oxford Communiqué, The Oxford Income Letter, Oxford Resource Explorer, The Oxford Insight, all of our VIP Premium Services, discounts on other services outside of our organization, as well as many other wonderful benefits.

Our flagship newsletter penned by the Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green is one of the best-regarded publications in the industry. Every month, Members receive Alex’s thoughts on the market and his latest investment ideas. The newsletter is posted to the Club’s website in the third week of each month, with a printed version arriving just a week or so later.

Since a month can be a long time to wait between issues, we also email the weekly Oxford Communiqué Portfolio Update with information about what’s going on with key positions in the portfolios.

Check your email inbox at the beginning of each month. That’s when you’ll receive our popular newsletter written by Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld. Each month, he’ll show you how to harness the power of dividends and other income-producing strategies using his proprietary 10-11-12 System.

Each week, the Oxford Income Weekly email will update you on any important news within The Oxford Income Letter’s three portfolios or any other breaking news you need to be aware of.

Oxford Resource Explorer is your essential guide to investing in oil and other energy stocks, as well as metals, minerals and miners. Each month, Energy and Infrastructure Strategist David Fessler and Resource Strategist Sean Brodrick, will offer you access to the most compelling investment ideas in the energy and resources sector.

This is a proprietary trading service based on Matthew Carr’s personally developed “Prime System.” This system has been proven to increase market returns by 300% to 600%, while cutting risk by as much as half. A study by The Pepperdine School of Business confirms that trading only with Prime would generate returns “five times greater than the buy-and-hold strategy. Risk would have been reduced by half.”

Marc Lichtenfeld, the Club’s Chief Income Strategist, has brought together supercomputer technology and the brainpower of brilliant programmers to generate market-beating stock recommendations. By using a specific set of variables that, based on a 10-year back test, beat the S&P 500 by 1,568%, his system generates a list of specific stocks with the best possibilities for maximum appreciation in current market conditions.

Steve McDonald’s popular service allows you to invest in America’s best companies by purchasing corporate bonds. With bond investments – unlike traditional stock investing – you’ll always know the expected annual return before you invest, and exactly when you’ll receive it. And your initial stake is contractually obligated to be returned in full. It’s possible to get the double-digit returns of fast-moving stocks – but with a fraction of the risk and volatility.

With Marc Lichtenfeld’s exciting research service, you’ll learn how to “ride the lightning.” It sounds odd, but it’s really quite simple. Marc focuses his research on uncovering the catalysts that send stocks soaring. Often, he uncovers a biotech stock that’s ready to pop, but it could just as easily be a player in the energy world or a small technology company. The key is that once lightning strikes… big profits follow.

For years, the Club’s Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green fine-tuned a strategy based on more than 107 years of data to uncover the market’s fastest-moving stocks. Alex finds companies that blow past earnings estimates, outperform their competition and have the potential to make subscribers very rich. In past years, this portfolio has produced an average gain of 63%… including losers!

Ever wish you had the same advantages as a true corporate insider? To know if a company was about to get a takeover bid; when a company was about to introduce a new, profit-generating product; which way earnings were headed? Think about the money you could make with that kind of information. This weekly service gives you all the benefits (and potential gains) of an insider… legally and safely.

Very simply, this strategy lets you buy stocks in great companies for considerably less than what they’re worth… some of them for 16% less… others for 50% less… and a few for as much as 76% less than what they’re worth. Yes, this often means investing in unpopular companies, but that puts investors in an excellent position before everyone else climbs aboard.

Why buy a stock when you can rent it? It sounds impossible, yet that’s what Marc Lichtenfeld shows his followers each week through this turbocharged, income-generating strategy. Thanks to a unique option-trading technique, Members can significantly boost their annual income… without the excessive risk often associated with double-digit yields.

Right now, the energy sector is undergoing a transition period unlike anything the world has seen in more than 100 years. And for those who get in ahead of this revolution, gains could be life-changing. That’s why, every week, Energy and Infrastructure Strategist David Fessler shows his subscribers how to take advantage of these trends for maximum profits.

This trading service uses a combination of technical and fundamental indicators to help you buy low and sell high inside the most profit-packed subset of the market… stocks under $10. Using his proprietary three-stage system, Sean Brodrick proves once again that he is an expert at finding stocks with immense breakout potential. Sean has found a unique chart pattern – invisible to most investors – that can virtually predict when a stock under $10 is going to soar higher for huge gains. Like a rocket ship sitting on a launch pad, these bargain stocks can be tracked through two distinct stages, and then Sean gets in before the huge third-stage blastoffs. All you have to do is hop on and enjoy the ride!

The VIPER Alert is a unique trading service designed to target stocks that are coiled to surge to new highs. At the heart of the system is the VIPER Score and a proprietary ratio created by Matthew Carr to find stocks with the biggest potential and best probability for huge short-term gains. Over the last 10 years, the system behind The VIPER Alert returned a total gain of 892%, versus a total return on the Russell 2000 of 131%

Founded in 1999, Investment U is one of the first independent, free financial education websites of its kind. Investment U provides cutting-edge research and strategic financial recommendations for all levels of investors through its morning publication Investment U Daily and its related publications. Every day we reach more than 300,000 unique readers, providing insight and recommendations based on timeless and proven principles for smart investing.

Investment U remains committed to a range of “market neutral” and “asset allocated” investment strategies. These include momentum investing, maximizing income, tax-advantaged investing, following insider buying, investing in energy and resources, emerging markets, and investing in biotech and healthcare technologies. We believe that these strategies will continue to educate and make you a better investor over time, and we remain dedicated to providing continuous guidance through our daily publications.

Investment U Daily, our newsletter published six times per week, offers innovative analysis, our experts’ timely views and recommendations for the markets, and regular one-on-one interviews with some of the top executives and investors in the financial markets.

Although its team has decades of experience in the financial markets, Investment U does not provide personal investment advice, brokerage services or manage money.

With Investment U Plus, you’ll receive the regular issues of Investment U – plus a bonus article with investment recommendations designed to make you money from that day’s story. These recommendations will show you how to best take advantage of and profit from that day’s topic.