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Introducing The Oxford Club

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Oxford Club Membership Benefits

The benefits of being an Oxford Club Member are seemingly endless. Along with opportunities to network with fellow Members at Club events and access to the Club’s archive of wealth-building resources, here is just a handful of our exciting Member benefits:

Our Elite Investment Letters

Membership in The Oxford Club comes with your subscription to one of our monthly newsletters: The Communiqué, which is geared toward investors with a shorter-term investment horizon, or The Oxford Income Letter, aimed at generating a wealth of money through dividend investing. Whichever subscription you choose, you’ll get monthly issues of our Club’s private investment letter over the next year. Here you’ll learn about each new opportunity as it arises, with precise directions for maximizing gains. These are the same recommendations that earned The Communiqué a “Top 5″ rating by the prestigious Hulbert Financial Digest. (Estimated value: $150)

Portfolio Updates

You’ll never wonder where we stand on a particular recommendation. This email alert keeps you posted on every position, so that you can lock in maximum gains when the time to sell arrives… and cut your losses when we hit the occasional recommendation that doesn’t work out. (Estimated value: included with newsletter)

The Oxford Insight

We offer this e-service free to all Members. Not only does it provide a sneak peek at the next wave of huge opportunities coming down the pike from our researchers… it reveals a “behind the scenes” look into what’s happening here at the Clubhouse. (Estimated value: $250)

Market Wake-Up Call

As part of The Insight, we have launched our own online video program, the Market Wake-Up Call, where you’ll see your investment team talking about special emerging opportunities, live! (Estimated value: included with The Insight)

The Oxford Asset Allocation Model

Yes, picking great stocks is critical to your long-term financial success. But you’ll get nowhere if it doesn’t fit into an overall investment program that maximizes gains while minimizing your risk. That’s where our Asset Allocation model comes in. You’ll know how every investment recommendation fits into place with this simple, but proven, strategy. (Estimated value: $100)

Full Access to Our “Online Clubhouse”

Use your private pass code to access our secure online Clubhouse at any time. You’ll discover all of the Club’s current recommendations and strategies, event notifications, buy-and-sell alerts and details on all the other privileges you’ll enjoy as a Member. (Estimated value: $250)

Personal Use of Our Clubhouse Mansion

Years ago, we moved our headquarters into a restored four-story brownstone mansion in historic Mt. Vernon, Baltimore. You’ll be welcome past the iron door into the sumptuous interior any time. Meet with other Members, enjoy a fine scotch, and experience your membership “in person.” (Estimated value: $300)

Complete Access to Our Wealth Library

You’ll receive “browse at leisure” access to the Club’s entire Wealth Library. We have dozens of Members-only titles that you can read and download for printing. Some are breaking stock opportunities such as: Pocket 227% on the E-Commerce Technology Sweeping China. Others reveal Club secrets for building long-term financial security, like: The Four Pillars of Wealth. Plus, we’re adding brand new titles all the time! (Estimated value: $400)

VIP Treatment From Approved and Vetted Advisors

Sometimes an excellent financial advisor or broker can be a tremendous help. And we’ve identified the very best third-party advisors across America. We call them the Pillar One Advisor network. They all maintain familiarity with the Club’s investments and can help you achieve your financial goals at steeply discounted rates for Members. (Estimated value: depends on usage)

Invitations to Club Gatherings

Every so often, we hold private meetings at some of the world’s finest luxury spots. Join us to discover Alex’s latest research firsthand… to share your ideas with fellow Members… and to enjoy the finer pleasures in life, such as good food, entertainment and pure relaxation in places like the California coast, Bermuda, Jackson Hole and even Central America! (Estimated value: depends on usage)

Access to Our Global Outposts

You’ll be free to visit any of our other outposts around the world, from France to Central America and beyond. (Estimated value: $200)

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